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How To Save Duke Nukem

It’s no secret that Duke Nukem Forever was not particularly well received. As a self-described snob of first person shooters, I’m certainly not wild about the game. Broken encounters, weak level design, and an inconsistent sense of humour held Duke Nukem Forever back from being a great game. Duke deserves better. Duke Nukem 3D is one of the most important games ever made. So how does someone go about fixing Duke?

Danish Publisher Buying Duke Nukem's Original Studio

3D Realms, the beleaguered original developer of Duke Nukem Forever, will be acquired by a Danish firm that had been set to publish a new Duke Nukem game until both were sued last week by Gearbox Software .

Lawsuit Seeks To Stop New Duke Nukem Game Teased By Original Studio

The studio that spent 12 years unable to finish Duke Nukem Forever and the one that finally did in 2011 are back in court again, this time over a Duke Nukem game for PC and PlayStation that was teased earlier this month.

Duke Nukem Creators 3D Realms Sue Gearbox Over Unpaid Royalties

Apogee Software/3D Realms — the studio that spent more than a decade working on Duke Nukem Forever — is suing Gearbox Software, the company that bought that game’s rights and released the long-brewing sequel in 2011. Apogee/3D Realms alleges that Gearbox has refused to pay more than $US2 million owed to 3D Realms from royalties and advances Gearbox received from publishers for Duke Nukem Forever.

A Mod That Tries To Save Duke Nukem

Poor Duke. Once an A-list star of the FPS world, his long absence during the hellish development of Duke Nukem Forever — and the even more hellish end result of that — has tarnished his name.

The Folks Behind Duke Nukem Forever Want Your Money For A 'New' Game

For years, 3D Realms toiled on Duke Nukem Forever. After the game languished, another studio (Gearbox Software) came in and finished it. Now, 3D Realms is working on a new game. A game it’s been working on for a while — and it wants your money to finish it.

If You Blew $50 On Duke Nukem Forever, Would You Blow $300 On This?

It’s been over a year since Duke Nukem Forever was released, and to commemorate (commiserate?) the whole experience, Sideshow is next year bringing out this 16-inch statue of the Duke.

Vita Launch Feels Like The 'Last Dinosaur', Says Duke Nukem Forever Designer

If anyone would know what it’s like to show up late to a party it’s the man that worked on Duke Nukem Forever for over a dozen years.

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed In Japan (Sigh)

Didn’t see that coming, did you? The years-in-development Duke Nukem Forever is getting pushed back in Japan: from March 8 to March 29. [Famitsu]

Gearbox: Duke Nukem Reviews Were Unfair

Duke Nukem Forever was, I thought, an absolute disaster. I was not alone in this. Yet Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel thinks the game’s poor reviews weren’t a consequence of the game being terrible. They were because reviewers were somehow unfair to the game.

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