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How Not To Scam Publishers For Free Games

There are loads of kids out there who try and ask publishers for free games. Most of them are at least up-front about their pan-handling, maybe pointing to a YouTube or Twitch channel that nobody watches. But then there’s this guy, who was busted trying to straight-up scam indie publisher Devolver.

When A Sega Magazine Got Blacklisted By Sega

Keith Stuart’s written a great article over on Eurogamer, recalling the time that he was blacklisted by Sega despite being the Editor-in-Chief of DC-UK, a magazine devoted entirely to the Sega Dreamcast.

What It's Like To Be A Games Reporter

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we’re talking about what it’s like to report on the world of video games. Join us to hear some of the stories behind some of Kotaku’s biggest scoops.

What If Movies Were Reviewed In The Same Way As Video Games?

What if movies were reviewed in the same way as video games? Something Awful has an idea of what that would read like: “The film runs at a steady 24 frames per second with very few frame drops.And a 9.6 means we’re guaranteed a World War Z sequel right?

Three Short Comic Strips About Being A Female Game Journalist

Game critic Cara Ellison and artist Elizabeth Simins have collaborated on a trio of strips that they’re calling “New Strong Female Games Journalists”. We’re happy to debut them for you today.

Hip Hop Gamer's New Journalist Championship Belt Has No Platform Bias

Hip Hop Gamer, a fixture of New York gaming press events and a man of boundless enthusiasm, has traded in his trademark WWE replica John Cena title belt for something cooler. And it’s a little different.

Strings Attached: What We're Not Allowed To Talk About When Reviewing Games

When professional reviewers prepare to review books, movies or video games, there’s a basic understanding that the reviewer won’t spoil everything. The reviewer will hold back some details, for the pleasure of their readers or audience.

Why Games Journalism Is In Much Better Shape Than You Think

In a past life, David ‘Raygun Brown’ Rayfield was a music journalist. Nowadays he writes about video games. In the wake of Dorito Gate, and an inordinate amount of introspection, he takes a look at the differences between games reporting and music journalism. You might be a little surprised at the differences.

Survey For Games Journalism Awards Is Itself Award-Worthy

The people at the National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers have sent me a survey in an email that was topped with the deceptive subject line “Game Reporter of the Year?”

Game Journalist Shake-Up Shifts Several Outlets

John Davison, former boss at What They Play and 1up is in at GamePro. In the last week, significant personnel changes have been also made at 1up, Shack News, G4 and Crispy Gamer.

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