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Bizarre PS4 Game The Tomorrow Children Makes Hard Labour Fun

The Tomorrow Children is an odd exploration and social game that’s out now on the Playstation 4. Taking the role of a citizen laboring in the dangerous Void, it’s cute but brutal. Luckily, I’m here to deal with all the toil and monsters.

Hamburgers Plus Zombies Make For Delicious VR

I’m not quite a VR convert. I get sick easily. Yet, if one game has made an extremely compelling case that VR can work brilliantly, it’s Dead Hungry.

Kyoto Looks Beautiful From The Sky

If you plan on visiting Japan, do yourself a favour and go to Kyoto. And if you can fly around like a drone, even better.

The Tomorrow Children: Beautiful. Confusing... Controversial?

Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children is a lucid dream of community, crafting, monsters and “Marxist parody”. A world where inhabitants work for the good of a communal town. And if that means bribing others to make your vote more equal than others? So be it.

In The Tomorrow Children, Humanity's Screwed If We Don't Work Together

Unveiled at Gamescom today, the next game from the makers of the Pixeljunk series is focused on co-operation. Better work on your manners.

PixelJunk Inc. Coming To Steam Early Access With A Sweet New Name

The latest adventure in Q-Games’ PixelJunk saga is so grand in scope and stature that a simple three-letter abbreviation couldn’t contain it, so PixelJunk Inc. becomes PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy, coming to Steam Early Access on 13 March.

The PS4 Gets The Ultimate Version Of PixelJunk Shooter

In my opinion, Q-Games’ PixelJunk Shooter and Shooter 2 are the best twin-stick shooters on the PlayStation 3. Later this year, Double Eleven is combining both into PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for the PS4 and Vita. Here are nine reasons it will be even best-ier than before.

Steam Sale Turns $0.99 Game Into Blockbuster

Q-Games, they of Pixeljunk fame, aren’t exactly starving artists. They release games on most major platforms, and do pretty well both critically and financially. Especially after the latest Steam sale.

A Game About Soup. Because Soup Is Nasty Business.

In space, soup is a nasty business. You’ll need to build bases that defend automatically themselves from attackers and jump your way to remote locations for out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. But, even in the far future of Pixeljunk Inc., people need their stews.

The PixelJunk Folks' Visualizer Makes The PS3 More Fun At Parties

For six years, I’ve been streaming music to my PlayStation 3 using the same old trio of launch visualisers, which is a sadness. This week Q-Games makes me happy again, with a new PS3 app simply called Visualizer.

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