Nintendo “Unlikely” To Fix Freeloader Issue

mule.jpgNintendo’s Wii update, which borked Freeloader compatibility, has upset a lotta PAL users. Greatly. Datel’s Freeloader was all we had! It was the only way we could play many Gamecube games on time, and some games at all! And now it’s gone. Gone forever (just like most peoples Gamecubes when they bought a Wii). Nintendo Europe have told Eurogamer that:

because it isn’t an official product approved by Nintendo, there was nothing it could do.

Technically, that may or may not be true. Doesn’t make the hurt any less, especially as with few decent Wii games on offer and prices constantly sliding, there’s never been a better time to catch up on any US or Japanese Cube games you may have missed first time around.
Wii update breaks Freeloader [Eurogamer]


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