eGames 2007: A Hazy Moment

eGames 2007: A Hazy Moment

hazeguy.jpgUbisoft, not to be outdone by Nintendo’s moustachioed mascot, had a dude dressed up in a Haze suit trolling the eGames expo hall for gamer arse.

Okay, I made that “arse” bit up.

I’m trying to decide if the pose is meant to be menacing or dashing. I know the “hands-on-hips” stance is a classic with the ladies, but I didn’t want to say anything unless he got the wrong idea. It’s also why I didn’t put my arm around him for a group shot.

Speaking of Haze, the game was playable at both the Ubisoft and Sony stands during the event. Seeing as Ubisoft yesterday pushed the game from December this year to early 2008, I’d say those who had a chance to play should be treasuring that moment right about now. Envy of your friends and all that mush.


  • Haze was one of the most painful games I’ve played. It’s framerate was horrible and the controls felt, well, whack. They were over responsive, and when I tried turning sensitivity down, I couldn’t. In the jungle, despite it being confusing, which wasn’t too bad for the kind of action taking place, the game went from jerky to single frame slideshow for the entire length of the battle.

    Even the driving sequences felt forced and weren’t particularly enjoyable.

    I’m glad the date got pushed back, hopefully they’ll take this opportunity to go back and make it playable.

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