• Smash Bros. Tournament Fiasco Has Players Boycotting Events

    Smash Bros. Tournament Fiasco Has Players Boycotting Events

    In the wake of Nintendo being Nintendo and unceremoniously cancelling the Smash World Tour, one of the year’s biggest esports tournaments dedicated to all things Super Smash Bros., copious folks in the game’s community have come out in protest. Casual fans, pro players, long-time commentators, and even other tournament organisers, from AITX eSports to Beyond…

  • eGames 2007: History of Gaming

    Retailer Gamerz Bunker put on a nice spread of old-school consoles during Melbourne’s eGames. It had been a while since I last saw a Sega Master System, and having my cockles warmed by the sight of my first games machine (ignoring my Amiga 500) was extremely pleasant. Technically, it wasn’t the exact same one I’d…

  • eGames 2007: Halo 3 Big Giant Head

    What’s huge, scary and green? Yes, there’s the Hulk, but the inflatable Master Chief helmet that was at eGames fits the bill nicely as well. It pretty much was Microsoft’s stand at the event, and despite my prayers for it to be filled with Spartan armour-wearing supermodels, it was sadly empty.

  • Melbourne Gets Its eGames On

    eGames is on again, except this time it’s called eGames 07. If you can figure out why, you’ve taken the first step to being there. The second step will involve either travelling to Melbourne or, if you happen to live there, catching a tram or walking. Time your trip for November 16-18 while aiming yourself…