Kotaku Australia Originals: Activision, Microsoft and Ubisoft, Oh My

ausglobe_01.jpgActivision, Microsoft and Ubisoft had the lion’s share of coverage this month.

What got most of us worked up (and rightly so) was the Call of Duty 4 price hike on Steam by Activision. The publisher said it was Steam’s fault, but that reasoning didn’t stand up well against the flamethrower of logic.

On a lesser note, Activision Australia pushed the release of the PC/Mac version of Guitar Hero III to 2008, and squeezed a goreless Soldier of Fortune: Payback past the OFLC.

Assassin’s Creed came out later than planned, while Bioware’s Mass Effect did the opposite. Martin Slater pulled no punches chatting about DirectX or QA, and Tony Albrecht invented the “Tony” unit for measuring console grunt (though I apparently missed the “Rule of Three”. Someone explain it to me, please!).

Loads more happened over the last 30 days, including 30 Days of Night, and you can read the best of it below.

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Oz Assassin’s Creed Delayed?

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