Oz Mass Effect Preorder Disc, Part 2

preorderposter.jpgWant to know what's on that preorder disc everyone's been yapping on about, and Microsoft Australia confirmed despite earlier rumours?

Okay, it's not the actual Collector's Edition US gamers will be enjoying, but there are a couple of goodies. If you're having trouble reading the contents of the awesome mobile camera shot taken by Oz Kotakuite Nick, here's a more legible rundown:

- Introduction to Mass Effect - Exclusive gamer pics - Two unique themes - 3 songs from the soundtrack - Four historical trailers

Am I the only one who thinks it's fairly ordinary? Better than nothing, I guess.


    Thanks to my mate for the phone to take the pics...

    Assassin's Creed also has something very similar as well according to our local EB insider, except you get a tin box with it too. Unsure about the Altair figurine.

    At least we don't have to pay extra for this stuff though because it is a little lackluster.

    Why do I feel like I saw this a month ago at my local EB...

    Excellent - I can know do a happy dance.

    Still its a shame that we cant get the lovely CE version over here

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