Win A Helicopter In GAME's Xbox 360 Promo, Starts Next Week?

game_logo.jpgUpdate: The "chopper" is, in fact, a Chopper motorcycle, not a flying machine. Feel free to make fun of me, and thanks to everyone who pointed out the error.

A tipster who wishes to remain anonymous has sent us details of an Xbox 360 promotion retailer GAME will be running, starting from next week.

According to the tip, if you purchase any model of Xbox 360 during the promotion, you'll receive a scratch and win card. Rather than have just one card with a big prize and a billion others with "You lose, sucker!", our tipster says every card will be a winner.

Here's the list of goods you could win:

1. Samsung TV
2. GAME MTV/Microsoft Party Ticket
3. Halo Hat
4. Live Kit
5. $5 Discount voucher valid at GAME
6. Xbox 360 GAME (Viva Pinata, Kameo, PGR3)
7. Survival Kit (showbag)

Obviously, some prizes are better than others (and a few warrant added details), but it's nice to know you'll get something regardless.

The next part of the tip seems unlikely, but here it is anyway - apparently there's a main draw you can enter using your card, where you'll have the chance to win a "chopper, with custom Microsoft mods/colour scheme". A photo was included, but it didn't survive the trip through email. The approximate value of the chopper is $80,000.

Now, as much as I'd love a helicopter, I have no idea how to fly one. Or where I'd keep it. A cool main prize, for sure, but extremely impractical.

The final bit of the tip says that the promo will coincide with the release of a special bundle for the Xbox 360 edition of Assassin's Creed. No additional details were provide on what it will. contain.

Hopefully we'll have confirmation of all this next week. Until then, if you're planning on picking up a 360, it might be best to hold off for a few days, lest you miss out on a helicopter.


    Uh... it sounds like it means a Chopper, as in a Motorcycle. A bit more practical...

    A chopper as in helicopter, or a chopper as in motorbike? I think the latter is more likely (a helicopter costs a lot more than 80k I think?)

    Its a bike dumbass!

    By Chopper, Im pretty sure he means custom motorbike... lol. $80k is far too cheap for a helicopter.

    Is 'chopper' the exact term they used?
    If it was they may be referring to a Harley-esque motorcycle (a cruiser).

    Then again 80k seems a little extreme for even a custom painted motorcycle, but it would be a little more accessible to most people.

    Here's hoping the helicopter went through better quality assurance and testing than the 360.

    Are we sure it's not a chopper as in a bike? Seems like that would make more sense.

    i think he means a motorcycle you know a chopper

    Um, did it mean "Chopper" as in a motorbike? Firstly, I assumed that helicopters are more expensive than $80,000, and secondly, we all remember what Bruce Willis taught us in Pulp Fiction:
    Chick: "Who's motorcycle is this?"
    Bruce: "It's not a motorcycle, it's a Chopper"
    Chick: "Who's Chopper is this?"
    Bruce: "It's Zed's."
    Chick: "Who's Zed?"
    Bruce: "Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead."

    (yeah, the quote's probably way off the actual conversation, but you get the idea)

    Do you think maybe by "Chopper" they mean a motorbike? 80 grand seems a little cheap for a helicopter.

    Hm, it couldn't possibly be a motorcycle, rather than a helicopter, could it? For $80,000, that would seem much more likely...

    I think 'chopper' might be referring to a custom motorcycle rather than a helicopter....specially at that price tag ^_^

    I dont think "chopper" means helicopter in this case...

    Are you sure they don't mean a Motorbike aka "chopper" seems much more likely as anyone with a bike license would be able to use it as opposed to a Helicopter?

    Sure they didn't mean a chopper as in a harley davidson?

    are u sure they dont mean a "chopper" motorcycle, because that would make a lot more sense for the cost.

    Any chance that the "chopper" is the bike and not a helicopter?

    Just saying.

    Haha I think "chopper" means motorcycle in this context ;)

    lol i think they mean a "chopper" as in motorcycle because and trust me eighty thousand dollars for a helicopter is extremely cheap. My familys cost over two hundered thousand. but who knows it could be a very cool microsoft thing.

    Ummmm.... gauging by the fact a similar Xbox 360 comp was run in the US (and reported on by US Kotaku) and the prize was a motorcycle (i.e. chopper... as in American Chopper) I'd say your source is wrong and very possibly seriously mentally challenged.

    Maybe they meant chopper as in motorbike? I find it a bit hard to believe that a helicopter can be valued at only $80,000.

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