Hey, Isn't That The Xbox 360 Chopper Bike You Can Win?

chopperbike_1.jpgYou guys remember when I confused a Chopper motorcycle with an actual helicopter right? Let's just say it was a moment of weakness.

Well, to further weaken that moment, GAME has some photos up of the illustrious bike, that is indeed winnable by the population at large.

There's another shot after the jump, along with a link to the page GAME has up that contains two more. We've also been told that a video will be making its way to the Grand Old Internets, which we'll post when Microsoft has it ready.chopperbike_2.jpgThe Bike [GAME, thanks Microsoft]


    if i won this, i would instantly sell it. Then buy myself a good prize.


    I would buy it of you, then chase you down the street with a gimp mask and a baseball bat with nails in it, howling all the way.

    Yeah I agree AJ, If I didnt Win it, I would love to buy it. That bike is going to look unreal.

    hey guys can u tell me something about chopper bike how to make that
    I have created my own cycle into it but i want to know of chopper bike engine and to creat a bike
    plz reply me on my
    id ([email protected])

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