Australia, Buy Super Smash Bros Brawl, $99.95 From GameTraders

Australia, Buy Super Smash Bros Brawl, $99.95 From GameTraders
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Do we love GameTraders? Yes we do. To be fair, we love all the independent retailers that are doing their best to keep Australia out of the gaming Dark Ages. Kudos!

Today however, the focus is on that magical retailer in Perth. If you’re sick of waiting for Nintendo to get its act together, and don’t mind a bit of fiddling, you can play SSBB today. And then the next day. And the day after. And probably for a long time after that.

According to tipster Raze35, GameTraders has the NTSC USA version in stock, with copies going for $99.95 each. It also has Freeloader discs available to get past the region lock – one of these will set you back $50. Don’t panic – there’s a combo deal for $129.95.

Raze35 says the game runs perfectly on his Wii. In fact he’s been delivering his special brand of justice on unsuspecting Nintendo characters with Solid Snake for close to 12 hours now.

Surely there are other stores around the country that are in a similar position to offer non-Perth gamers the delectable awesomeness of SSBB. Drop us a line if you’re one of those stores, or happen to know of one!


  • So even Gametraders is stinging us for games?

    You can import Brawl via play-asia for $59.90 US (~$65 AUD) plus a couple of bucks shipping. The Freeloader can be imported from the UK for £9.99 plus a little for shipping, works out around $25 AUD.

    Import them yourself and save at least $30.

  • @negativezero: Yeah but how long is the shipping time on that? You’re paying for convenience.

    Anyone know what this means for online play?

  • Yeah i imported them both for Play Asia and the UK.
    Received last Friday.
    Both work great and SSBB Rules!

    Oh and BTW Snake is one of the best characters =).
    His accross special rocks!

  • Gametrader’s isn’t a charity, they presumably have to buy their copies at or near full retail price from overseas in order to import, and they do need to make a profit out of it too.

    I would gladly pay $130 for Smash Bros + Freeloader at a physical shop

  • I still have reservations about the Freeloader, I don’t want to see in 2 months time Nintendo updating the firmware on the console rendering the Freeloader useless and also the game….. That would piss me off more then the waiting, which pisses me off a hell of a lot!

  • The point is for people who want to have the game now not waiting for a few weeks just to save $30. Time is money and likewise, you want to wait you save $30, you don’t want to wait, spend extra and you play now.

  • @chocolatier

    it’s not just a few weeks. release date for smash bros. in australia is june. my guess is late june.

    12 to 14 weeks wait > $30-50

    anyone heard of any bris GT’s doing the deal?

  • yeah it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the $30 mark that would go wrong if the firmware patch kills the freeloader. the fact that you spend $100 on the game and $30-50 on the freeloader seals the deal for me.

    plus the fact that nintendo can get forked for the way they treat aus imo, but thats just me getting personal.

  • i agree H2ogatesy, we get all the games last while america and japan are like :

    “yeah we got brawl now lets annoy some auzzies by putting vids of it on brawl on youtube”

    *i think nintendo hates us all =p*

  • Have you guys had any problems reading the disc? I got mine imported and my Wii brings up the read error. Nintendo of America has been saying that its ‘dust on the lens’ and has been ‘cleaning’ Wii’s for free, but what about us down under?

    Zaper51 is right, nintendo DOES hate us all!! XD

  • for anyone still looking i got mine from a guy on – think it was about $110 delivered – Smash Brawl & Freeloader.


    I am with you, i got my ssbb today and it’s not reading the disc. i really fail to believe that it is a lens problem. Is your system moded? Mine is and i read that a guy got his game fixed by an update from his mod website (unsure of the site name/moder) and his game works now… all sounds a bit iffy to me.. im currently waiting to hear back from nintendo about what to do for Australians who are facing the same problems as americans. Good luck tomorrow UK prepair for disapointment and anger >

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