GTA IV Australian Street Date Broken

GTA IV Australian Street Date Broken
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Ah street dates. Retailers are as likely to stick to them as a 90-year old driver is to the road. Minus the whole potential to crash, maim and destroy.

Despite being a massive release, GTA IV hasn’t escaped the clutches of a number of eager storeowners – Xbox World Australia is reporting that Rockstar’s epic is being sold days before its official street date. The site has been careful not to name the retailer(s), which I’m sure they approve of. Rockstar Australia, on the other hand, isn’t so pleased.

GTA IV Release Date Broken [Xbox World Australia, thanks Jose Perdomo]


  • I actually just got a call about this from the store I bought it from. They sent it out so people would get it Tuesday because we have a public holiday on Friday.

    They told me someone had put screenshots up on forums and stuff and that their suppliers aren’t happy with them because they have obviously found out!

    They asked me that if my copy did arrive early not to post videos or pictures of it until the 29th

  • Yeah apparently DVDcrave mailed all their pre-orders out yesterday with no instructions to AusPost not to diliver them until the 29th.

    The article seems to imply that a non-online retailer has broken the street date also, is this confirmed?

  • man, there’s rumours going around now that DVD Crave are in the shit because of this. (even though it could be Australia Posts fault).

    if that’s true, i feel like crap for being a part of all this 🙁

  • this proves street dates are an antique from the past. thy only do it so they can get more publicity. i have a box full of GTA IV out back (i am a retailer) and i have been offered upwards of $300 today for it. i had to decline. getting cut off is too much of a risk

  • DVD crave and DStore are drop-shippers, that’s what happens when you entrust a third party to ship products to your customers

  • Who gives a shit. this is a load of bollocks. if the game is ready, then release it. Is it really necessary to have another 4 days of hype for no reason?

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