Where Can You Buy Haze On The Cheap?

Where Can You Buy Haze On The Cheap?
haze_wide.jpgOkay, so Haze isn’t out until tomorrow and reviews of the game haven’t been that positive. While I’m sure this is enough to deter some from buying the game, it won’t put off all.

For those determined to pick it up, you might as well save a few bucks. To this end, Anthony from Economical Gamer has kindly compiled a list of retailers selling the PS3 shooter for below its RRP. K-mart and JB Hi-Fi are clear winners, with prices of $87 and $89 respectively.

You can find the full list after the jump.

The best two places to get Haze on PS3 are Kmart for $87 or JB Hi-Fi for $89. Everywhere else seems to be pretty average:

– Kmart: $87
– JB Hi-Fi: $89
– Target: $99.95
– EB Games: $99.95 ($20 off $109.95 if preordered)
– JB Hi-Fi: $119
– Big W: $107.36
– Myer: $109
– GAME: $109.95
– Dick Smith: $112.67


  • Sad I know but I just picked up my copy. Thankfully though it was only $85 from Gamtraders Carillon in Perth. It was $99.95 on the shelf with 15% off store wide! I feel slightly less dirty now for buying it.

  • Unless you believed the hype and bought the wrong console for shooter games, dont bother. Game sux.

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