What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's that strange part of the year where no one's really sure what day it is and everyone's getting fat off Christmas leftovers and gifted chocolates. In case you're one of those people rolling around in a chocolate-flavoured haze: it is Friday today, and yes, the long weekend starts tomorrow. What will you be playing before we say goodbye to 2017?

Over the Christmas break I've already binged a couple TV shows that I hadn't gotten around to finishing earlier in the year, so I'm going to promise myself that I'll finally sit down and finish the rest of the wonderful Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn (my favourite game of the year).

But, if I'm being honest with myself, I'm probably going to waste the entire weekend playing Tap Tap Fish, a fish-collecting clicker game I foolishly picked up because I thought it would be cute and relaxing. Newsflash: clicker games are never relaxing, and now I can't sleep until I've unlocked sharks for my abyss. Wish me luck.

What will you be picking up this weekend?


    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U, and Automobilista on PC.


    I'm on holidays and can't decide.

    I played and finished Hob yesterday! Good game.

    Now I need to figure out something else haha.

      I have really enjoyed Hob but I'm bloody stuck - no idea where to go next! Such a lovely world to wander around in though. A quiet gem in a busy year.

        Haha, I got myself stuck for an hour too... It ended up being so easy, I just walked past the area I was supposed to go through... You're right though, great world and quite a gem. Feel sorry for poor Ruinic Games.

    Got Zelda BotW for Christmas so i'm playing that. First time I've ever played a Zelda game and i'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. I love going on tangents and exploring different areas, and before you know it you've spent 2 hours exploring an area that has nothing to do with any quest.

    I feel sorry for my horse though, he gets left behind quite a lot.

    Got The Fractured Butt Whole with Stick of Truth. Never played it upon release. Great fun, but the censoring shits me. Watched the cut content on YouTube anyway. Legit hilarious game.

    All point and clicks while there's cricket on.

    I'll be playing Escape from Tarkov because I can apparently play it now even I never bought it.

    Got a switch for Christmas and I'm going through zelda at the moment, have mario ready and I'm looking to pick up xenoblade Chronicles 2. So as you can imagine I have my weekends booked.

    I want to play Horizon, but my PS4 Pro really hates it (contacted PS support, who have been very helpful. Sadly, everything they've suggested hasn't worked. Horizon still crashes... and it's only Horizon that crashes).

      How odd. Have been playing a LOT this week and zero issues with HDZ on my Pro.

      It does run hot though - mine's wall mounted offset from the TV so has crazy good airflow.

      Have you done a clean firmware reinstall?

        The thing is, this PS4 Pro is brand new. Got it in November. I transferred all the data from my old PS4 (which handled Horizon just fine) to the Pro and tried to play Horizon... and it crashed when I opened up the map (and crashes when I start a new game, so the save file isn't corrupted). So after trying to figure out what could fix my problem (it's downloaded, so I tried downloading it via wifi and then wired when that didn't work), I decided to initialise the PS4. That solved nothing, so I called PS Support hoping they could assist me.

        I've done everything they suggested (which involved initialising the PS4 3 more times, including USB installing update after initialising the console), but sadly, my PS4 Pro just does not want to play this one game... I will most likely need to get this console replaced.

          That is really weird.

          Bad luck. :(

            Yup. PSSupport are now informing Head Office of my situation, according to my most recent email (trying to find what remaining steps there are I can do).

              Just one extra question - have you done the reinitialisation with the full firmware from USB rather than the upgrade firmware? Looks like from what you've said above that you're reinitialising and then updating? It's a much bigger file, and it sorted out some instability I had when I first got my Pro. The link is a bit hidden - it's on this page:


              ...and is down the page in this bit:

              Download the update file, and save it in the "UPDATE" folder you created in step 1.
              Save the file with the file name "PS4UPDATE.PUP".
              Download Now Click to start the download.

                Yup. That was the most recent thing I did.

                  Ah well. Sorry I couldn't help.

                  It's very odd though that it's just one game. Hope you get it sorted and have a Horizony 2018... :)

    Well the kids (err yes the kids) got a PS4 for Xmas but I did just but myself a digital copy of Bloodborne last night so I'll be giving that a go

    Where the occasion arises that I play the Xbone (separate lounge rooms) it will be PUBG of course

    I'm going to download and play 'Night in the Woods', because it has appeared in so many 'best of' lists and I have been curious anyway. I'm also going to jump back in to Mario Kart because as of Christmas my friends list on the Switch has exploded. Santa was very nice to a few of my friends it seems, so now I'm going to be mean and whip them at Mario Kart.

    Ah, the week between Xmas and New Years, the 'gooch' of the year.

    I'm wishing I'd bought a switch, so I could have brought it with me on holidays.

    I'm thinking of trading my PS4 Pro, and PSVR for a switch and a few controllers.
    Any takers?

    Finally started Horizon last weekend. LOVE IT. Will be playing that a lot more (although I've got kicked out of the lounge by the missus 'cause she want the big tv for binging so I'm on the launch PS4 in the back room today.)

    Super Mario Oddysey.

    Got it for Christmas and so far has been a blast. Pretty sure I’m going to remember “A Traditional Festival” as one of my top moments of gaming.

    Gonna finish Okami HD, aka a sweet Zelda clone starring a cute doggie and her best friend, a raging pervert bug-man. I'm up to Oni Island so I think I can put it away by New Years, Stray Beads and all. :D

    Alternating between LA Noire (PS4 remastered) and the Tropico 5 DLC (it was cheap on PS Plus). Am re-loving LA Noire all over again despite its well documented "flaws".

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