What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Is it safe to assume that everyone is going to take advantage of the Christmas weekend to work on their piles of gaming shame? I mean, that is what everyone is doing, right? Right? Hello...?

I'm kidding. I'm being adopted by a Christmas-celebrating family this weekend so that I can do the whole Christmas thing (my real family doesn't celebrate it), so I don't imagine that I will be playing any games at all this weekend (unless you include the game of Eating As Much As I Can or Hating On All The Presents I Get Because People In My Life Are Generally Crappy Gift Givers).

How about you? Will you be squeezing gaming into your holiday weekend? What will you be playing?

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    Gonna be stuck at my mums all weekend and I cant be stuffed taking my PS3 over there it looks like nothing but Mario Kart 7 for me

    The amount I spent during the steam sale suggests I will be busy gaming until easter,

    I want to play Skyrim, but I guess I was bad all year and have to spend Christmas with my family and in the few hours reprieve I'll be doing data entry I didn't get around to at work :(

    I'm gonna be playing that game where you run around like a madperson for a few days trying to make sure you have all the presents sorted and cooking all the amazing foods for Christmas Lunch.
    And then after that I'll collapse onto the comfiest couch spot and play whatever game I managed to snag for Christmas. I'm hoping for Assassin's Creed:Revelations, Xenoblade Chronicles or the Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD collection. *crosses fingers*

      *crosses fingers for you too*

      It's been ages since I've had that feeling of anticipation when opening a game on Christmas. I get too impatient to wait for events nowadays :(

        A few years ago everyone got a game for Christmas, my parents included, except me. Worst Christmas ever, especially considering I'm the one who got them all into gaming!

          Tell us if you got the games you wanted. I hope you do.

    Mario Kart 7 and Fire Emblem: TSS for me. Merry Xmas, Kotaku Peoples

    No family plans, so it's likely that we'll fire up a new large world in Terraria and get into some of the new end-game content.

    Well, I have next week off work, so a 10 day weekend awaits. I'm sure I'll be playing Skyrim some more, I'm only a few hours into SR3, and I haven't unwrapped Ass Creed Revelations yet. Deus Ex is on my pile of shame, and I hope to be inspired to play that one too, and I'll probably revisit Arkham City and start a new game plus.

    Hopefully my wife won't interfere in these plans too much by making me go places and do things :)

    Oh yeah, there's always Minecraft...


    Assassin't Creed Revelations (thanks Kotaku!), Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land.

    I'm told that I will also derive hours of pleasure from watching a small boy attempting to unwrap Christmas presents.

    Then I'm going to dive into a couple of other things over the next two weeks, maybe some Deus Ex, Multiplay Portal 2, Dragon Age expansions, Bastion.

      You'll watch the small boy unwrap everything(impatiently helping him so it doesn't take forever) and then you'll watch him throw the toys away to play with the boxes. :P

    Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim... damn it was during my time as an undergrad playing Baldurg's Gate II that I was as addicted to a game ^^

    Star Wars!

    I'll be delving into the Old Republic

      I will be contemplating selling everything i get for christmas to enable me to purchase a decent gaming laptop, the old republic, an internet connection for my flat and 3 months supply of two minute noodles.

    I'm actually due to get quite a few games over Christmas, but I won't get a chance to play any of them this weekend. Uncharted 3, Ico/Shadow of the Collossus, Skyward Sword, Possibly Arkham City...and that's not counting Xenoblade Chronicles which I am still working through (massive game) and Starcraft 2 which I'm still playing multiplayer.

    SW:TOR. Maybe a bit of AssRev. Also given the occasion there will likely be board games played too - going to finally try the family out with Dixit.

    I'm going to sink as much time into The Old Republic as I can this weekend

    Trying to finish Ratchet and Clank: TOD and Quest for Booty so I can get started on A Crack in Time.

      I've got finishing R&C: TOD on my list for xmas, too! Up to the prison bit now... not sure how far from the end that is.

      Plus a bit of Battlefied 3 and HOPEFULLY I'll find some time to start getting back into Dark Souls. Bought it on launch day, played it solidly for a couple of weeks then went away on holidays and haven't played it since due to Uncharted 3 and BF3.

      In-laws coming to stay between xmas and new year may puncture some/all of those plans, though...

        I just finished Crank in time last week, Great game, a fair bit diffrent from ToD though

    I'm crippled by choice.

    So probably nothing.

    I will try to take a few slices from the pineapple or try to get some laddering done in SC2, but I doubt success is an option.

      What league are you in SC2 mate? I might play a few games myself this weekend (just to get a break from Skyrim ^^)

    Building a deck and eating lots. That's my gameplan. I started UC3 last weekend and got bored, at the back of my mind the entire time was Dark Souls.

    Giantbomb have a sale on their premium memberships today that I took advantage of, so I'll be basking in that as well.

    ufc undisputed 3 alpha

    Battlefield 3 on Saturday! Then I'm on a plane on christmas day with "all the lonely people."

    Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the....

    I'm going to finish my stupid paragon no rabu rabu play of Mass Effect. Also Skyrim, still haven't finished the main story.

    Will probably get some time for Skyrim tomorrow, but from Monday onwards it's Xmas gatherings and cricket and NBA to watch.

    Probably a bunch of Minecraft, and I'll either have another crack at BF3 or play split-screen MW3 with the wife.

    There's a slim chance I will try to finish up Assassins Creed: Revelations. There's an even slimmer chance I will purchase and play Skyrim.

    Not gunna lie. I bought Payday: The Heist on steam. I just started playing it, and I think I'm in love.
    Oh yeah. And Batman Arkham city.

    Demon's Souls!!! It's beginning to eat my life away, but I have no problem with that. (I've only slept about nine hours in the last three days)

      You'll get to see Santa on Christmas Eve because you'll be up playing Demon's Souls! Just don't accidentally kill him because he startled you....

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