Australia Has Two Different Fallout 3 Collector’s Editions? Kinda.

f3_cover.jpgI should probably open with the important news first: EB Games Australia has the exclusive on the “official” collector’s edition of Bethesda’s Fallout 3. So if you haven’t put your pre-order down yet, now might be a good time unless you fancy missing out on the bobblehead and tin case.

Now, I’ve whacked quotes around “official” because Red Ant plans to put together a pre-order bundle for other retailers that may turn out to be very similar to the CE. A few may have noticed that retailer Games Warehouse has posted what it believes the pre-order bundle will contain. The thing is, Red Ant made it clear to me that it hasn’t finalised these details.

Hit the jump for a comparison of the two “CEs”, as well as specifics on availability.Games Warehouse’s (and other retailers’) pre-order bundle (not finalised)

Price: TBC
* Special Edition Box
* Fallout 3 Game disk
* Making of DVD
* Artbook
* Brotherhood of Steel figurine

Collector’s Edition at EB Games (maybe finalised)

Price: $119.95-129.95
* Fallout 3 game disk
* Metal lunchbox
* Making of DVD
* Artbook
* Vault Boy bobblehead

Close, yes, but not identical. Note that the GW pre-order, if indeed accurate, is for pre-orders only – it is not a “second” version of the CE.

Update #1: The EB Games’ product pages note the CE’s contents are “subject to change”. There’s also no price for GW’s pre-order pack (cheers tsengan).

Update #2: Since posting this story, Games Warehouse has removed the details of its pre-order pack and replaced it with the following advisory:


The content of the Collectors Edition is currently being revised by Bethesda and as soon as more information on the updated content has been advised we will update our website asap.

[Thanks Bobuilder for the tip-off]

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