Game Devs Need To Do More To Save The PC

Game Devs Need To Do More To Save The PC
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The PC hasn’t had a great time in the last few years. The latest generation of Xbox and Playstation consoles can rival, and in some cases exceed, its graphics and online capabilities, while the Wii is innovating with peripherals in ways manufacturers such as Razor and Belkin can only dream about.

id Software’s John Carmack hasn’t given up on the old girl, not yet. He’s voiced his opinion of the current state of the platform before, and in a new interview with Shacknews, he reinforces his view:

Yeah, I think that the PC definitely can’t.. we can’t go on making PC games like we used to. The combination of the dominance of the consoles, as far as market forces there, and piracy.. the traditional AAA, media-heavy boxed game that sells for a bunch of money, and goes out on the PC for a single player experience–it’s just not happening. Even if we look at something that had such a push like Crysis, it didn’t really do all that well.

I love the PC, and I’d hate to see it pushed into the background as consoles go from strength to strength. MMOs and online distribution systems like Steam are opening new doors, but I agree with Carmack – more needs to be done.

id Software’s John Carmack and Marty Stratton Talk Quake Live, PC Gaming, and More [Shacknews]


  • agree agree but say…Blizzard Entertainment. three titles in the works GUARENTEED to be sucessful…no ifs/buts/nothing sure not a massive collection of titles but different generes and something to tickle the facies of those with what is becomming a very large heavy paperweight dvd player.

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