Should Australia Expect A New PS3 Model Soon?

Should Australia Expect A New PS3 Model Soon?
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Microsoft has the Pro, Elite and Arcade consoles, while the Wii has enough peripherals to kill an elephant – if pachyderms were vulnerable to nunchucks and remotes. Sony, however, has one type of console on offer – the 40GB unit – and the choice of Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 controllers.

With no backwards-compatibility or card reader, the 40GB PS3 is a shell of the 60GB model consumers could buy at launch. Not that this has stopped the PS3 being a strong seller. With blockbuster titles like GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, the console has shed its biggest problem – a lack of quality games.

Even so, the PS3 has troubles ahead, especially in Australia. Microsoft has dropped the price on all models of the Xbox 360, and there’s a chance the PS2 will be cheaper soon as well. With the Wii floating around the $399 mark, the PS3 is the most expensive console in the country, with an RRP $200 higher on average than its competitors.

Now, there are rumours that Sony has a new SKU planned for Australia – one we could see as soon as next month. No details, no pricing and no word from the company. At least for now.

It’s speculation at this stage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony did introduce a new, cheaper PS3, in the face of recent developments. Regardless of the choice Sony makes, it can only be good for us.

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  • To be honest, I’m past caring. Backwards Compatibility is gone and is never coming back, so there’s no real need for me to buy a local one. My intention in a couple of weeks is to import a Japanese PS3. Preferably one of the nice white ones that don’t look smudged with fingerprints all the time. I’ll end up saving about $100 and the only ‘downside’ will be being locked to the same region as the USA and Japan for blu-ray, which really is a non-issue anyway.

    My suspicion is that any ‘new SKU’ will be a 40gb machine with a dual shock 3 bundled in.

  • Reduced price? New SKU?

    I bloody well hope so. Even with the big releases, the price is off-putting. Price and SKU changes will help draw me in.

  • “With no backwards-compatibility or card reader, the 40GB PS3 is a shell of the 60GB model international markets had a chance to buy at launch.”

    You obviously haven’t done much research, the first model released in Aus was the 60gb model, complete with backwards-compatibility (albeit limited) and card reader! I should know, I have one sitting under my TV right now, bought in australia, from a retail store, not an importer! The 40gb PS3 hasn’t been out for very long compared to the 60gb version…

    The only changes I would like to see in a new version of the PS3 is a slimmer version, ala PS2, but I don’t see that happening for a while!

  • @chkn72: You’re right, for some reason I thought it was the 60GB, not the 20GB, that wasn’t offered at launch. Silly mistake that’s corrected now, thanks.

  • I was in Japan last week the new PS3 Is now widely for sale for A$199 down from $299. I dont know why there is such a price difference we have to pay $649 here. i think the regon code thing is just a rip off.

  • I am a supporter of the PS (since ONE) BUT there is no way I am buying a PS3 until it drops PLUS increases (well, at least reintroduce or bring in) 80GB model. I am sick of Sony saying that it’s more than a console when they have reduced GB, reduced HDMI, wiped out card reader, and have poxy 256 cache. If it’s going to be just a console get rid of Blu-Ray player, or other non-console stuff and make it cheaper OR ramp up power and let people actually download ALL Mutlimedia stuff.

  • Sony really loves to fuck all PAL regions over. we get the 40 gig ps3 for 700 bucks. i only know now what a fucking moron i was to buy one. for 700 bucks i could have imported a nice ps3 from america with a bigger hard disk, backwards compatibility and a few good games to boot.

    i must agree with the commenter above the new ps3 will probably be just bundled with a dualshock 3 (seeing as how sony have announced that they have discontinued the sixaxis).

    its bad enough that we are getting our games banned left and right (i’ll be getting my fallout 3 off ebay now) for no fucking reason, but we have to pay a shitload to play them.

    even if sony drops their price on the ps3 by $100 bucks it will still be $600. just barely lower than the top shelf xbox360 on the market.

    if the ps3 was a powerhouse machine and crushed the xbox in graphics and games it would be understandable for the higher price. but as it stands right now the difference between the xbox and ps3 is minimal.

    sony need to ask themselves, “if we dont beat them in graphics, or have a ton of great ps3 only games, why are we charging twice as much?.”

    i know everyone hates long comments but i cant help it

  • I must admit I agree with Andrew, Sony definitely needs to do something about the whole situation. I speak for a nation when I say, we want the 60gb model back, and yeah what the hell is with the price range between continents, I mean come on doesn’t anyone pay any attention to the stock exchange? US money is almost directly equivalent to Australian money, it’s almost a dollar per dollar, for goodness sake. That’s why petrol is soooo expensive because the people who own it aren’t getting the value for money that they used to when they were paid in US money (back when the market was stronger). I’m not having a go at anyone, not even sony, I’m simply venting my opinion. Anyhow I digress, I’m simply annoyed that every other console has come across on a firm foundation, Sony if you or any of your affiliates read this let it be known that people aren’t buying your product as much as others it’s because the media, you and ourselves set our hopes too high! The PS3 is amazing but not to the extent I would purchase one, at least not in this situation. I’m sorry if this comment was long and repetitive (or offensive in any respect), I’m just sooo infuriated with the gaming industry at this point in time! Again sorry simply venting thanks!

  • The backwards compatibility gripe is something that faded relatively quickly. Although I like having it (a lot!) I wouldn’t say its the end of the world with out it. I’ve played a ps2 game on it twice: Psychonauts and GOW2.

    As said though, I do like having it and my opinion is slightly biased due to that fact. The price factor is a whole new issue. Everything is too expensive. I want it all for free and don’t say you don’t. I’ve worked in retail and no one wants to pay for anything.

  • What are the sales figues in Australia?? I may as well say whos coming second coz we all know who is in 1st place..

  • I agree totally, I will wait once more for $ONY to release a FAIR PRICED SKU that they promised over a YEAR AGO now. I want all the shit they ripped out put back in, I want an equal price to what other countries are paying, I want the DS3 in the damn box and until then SONY can screw themselves.

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