A Quake MMO? id Software’s Not So Keen

A Quake MMO? id Software’s Not So Keen

q3_peep.jpgA Quake-based MMO from id? Yeah, that won’t be happening anytime soon. In an interview with Shacknews, John Carmack made it clear there are no racing hearts over massively multiplayer titles at the company, even though it was offered a pretty penny to have a crack:

Saying that id had passed on several offers of “good money” to develop a Quake MMO, Carmack added that the company would not be attempting a similar project anytime soon.

“id has no interest in MMO development”, said Carmack, who added that while he is familiar with the technology, he is also “fully cognisant” of the challenges and risks of creating a game in the genre.

I’m not surprised – just look how PlanetSide turned out. If a developer wants to make an FPS MMO, they’re going to have to make it something special – preferably without face-melting, ganking and a race of gurgling fish people.

Publishers Chase Quake MMO, Offers Rejected by id [Shacknews]

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