Carmack: Crysis Represents An Unexciting Future For PCs

crysis_left.jpgI love Carmack smack-talk. Or Carmack-talk, if I was to unsuccessfully attempt wittiness. Not only is it honest, but often prophetic. I’m not sure the following comment about Crysis will prove itself in the future, but it’s good to know the veteran coder still “has game”, as the twelve year-old who keeps kicking the crap out of my car would say:

But in terms of first-person shooters, if you look at something like Crysis and say that’s the height of what the PC market can manage, I don’t think that’s necessarily that exciting of a direction for the PC to be going in the future. With Quake Live, we hope that there’s an opportunity for people who’ve never played shooters to give this a try, and with that, the potential of actually growing the PC gaming market.

This is from an interview over at GamesRadar, where Carmack speaks about Quake Zero, the Quake III Arena-based shooter that will play straight from a web browser. The interview also mixes it up with a few general PC gaming questions, from which came the above nugget.

Is there too much of a “cutting edge” focus on PC games development? Should developers turn their efforts to casual markets and the other advantages of the personal computer? Have your say.

Carmack free Quake [GamesRadar, via Blue’s News]


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