Feeling Stupid? Trade Your 60GB PS3 For An 80GB At EB Games

Feeling Stupid? Trade Your 60GB PS3 For An 80GB At EB Games

eb_ps3.jpgUsually EB’s email specials are decent, but the latest one is a massive exception. Massive. Head to EB and hand over $200, four games and your “old” 60GB console and a brand-new 80GB can be yours!

This would be a fantastic deal, if it wasn’t so damn, damn awful. Scratch that… it’s devious. It works out to be ~$600 for 20GB… as long as you don’t mind losing backwards-compatibility, some USB slots and the card reader. Add to this the fact 20GB is worth $4, going by current HDD prices, and it’s basically one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen. The sad thing is people are going to buy into it.

Nothing more to say, really, except to warn your friends and family who are lucky enough to own a 60GB that the deal is horrible.

Sony PlayStation 3 Console (80Gb) [Thanks David W./Luke P.]


  • Given that my original 60GB PS3 already has twice the HDD space of this new one, I shan’t be partaking in this so-called “deal”.

  • I saw this in my email just now and was shocked to see what they are trying to pull
    That isnt a deal – thats a borderline SCAM!
    What little respect i had for EB games has eroded away into nothing

  • I work for EB Games and I can safely say, I am even more ashamed of our marketing department.

    Someone fed the monkeys.

  • “as long as you don’t mind losing backwards-compatibility, some USB slots and the card reader.”

    You forgot to mention the SACD (Super Audio CD) support – for those who enjoy the best quality audio CD technology can give – between other “hidden” bits between the 2 PS3 versions.


  • Damn, I was about to submit this. I mean I’ve seen some crappy deals at EB before, but man, this is a new low. I sure hope they tell people that the ‘better’ ps3 is missing some very useful features that their PS3 was advertised as having.

    …But I somewhat doubt it.

    This is why I can’t work at EB. I just couldn’t bring myself to do this to people. What a joke.

    This really doesn’t help Australia’s cause: Not getting fucked over by being ignorant and easily rapable by large multinational companies.

  • Yeah, but you know there are some people who’ll be trading in and paying the $172 to get this deal. (It’s $199AUS = $172USD).

  • $100 buys you a 160 gb hd and its only one screw to swap out your old drive. they will likely sell those 60 gb ps3’s at a premium since they are the ones to own. ill sell mine but not for such a paltry price. maybe you give me the 80 gb, 4 games and a hundred bucks. then we are in business.

  • Yea, that is a BAD freaking deal. Especially when you can put any notebook hard drive in a PS3. You can get 120-160gb hard drive from Newegg for like $65

  • The deal isn’t as bad as you say, as you do get a Dualshock 3 ($100 at EB) for your (assumed) Sixaxis. Please note the deal is still ridiculously, unbelievably bad, at ~$104 worth of stuff for ~$600, but that is loads better than $600 for $4 of stuff.

  • I also work for EB and I have to admit this deal is way off.

    On the other hand though, I can also say that I am 99% sure that every single EB salesperson will be telling anyone that wants to trade in their old 60gb machine about the downfalls of such a deal.

    If they dont, then they shouldnt be working for EB.

  • Dude that is awesome!! all you EB haters need to see this deal for what it is. All those ” extra bits ” like backward compatibility and usb stuff was all a marketing plan by Pepsi to take over your minds. YOU DON’T NEED IT plus it makes your PS3 sooooo heavy. Go and trade in now!! Consider yourself lucky we didn’t get the 180 gig then you would really be complaining,

    *flame suit activated*

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