Feeling Stupid? Trade Your 60GB PS3 For An 80GB At EB Games

eb_ps3.jpgUsually EB’s email specials are decent, but the latest one is a massive exception. Massive. Head to EB and hand over $200, four games and your “old” 60GB console and a brand-new 80GB can be yours!

This would be a fantastic deal, if it wasn’t so damn, damn awful. Scratch that… it’s devious. It works out to be ~$600 for 20GB… as long as you don’t mind losing backwards-compatibility, some USB slots and the card reader. Add to this the fact 20GB is worth $4, going by current HDD prices, and it’s basically one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen. The sad thing is people are going to buy into it.

Nothing more to say, really, except to warn your friends and family who are lucky enough to own a 60GB that the deal is horrible.

Sony PlayStation 3 Console (80Gb) [Thanks David W./Luke P.]


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