There's A Super-Secret Quantum Code Bonus Mission?

Storysofar2.jpgThe answer is a big ol' yep, and one clever little cookie has already completed it. The as yet revealed master of collusion, coercion, contriving and other pleasant c words, has won themselves a return trip to Sydney, a night at the super posh Sydney Hilton and the chance to be at the George street Sony Centre at midday on Friday October 24, where, we're told, something really, really big is going to happen.

Wonder what that something could be? Whatever it is, that anonymous code master better be switched on. We hear they're in for a challenge - and so is everyone else. So make sure you're there.

[Quantum Code comp on Kotaku]


    Wow! Who is the girl in the photo?

    Isn't that the girl from one of those Libra Pad ads on Australian TV

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