LunchTimeWaster: Use Boxmen

LunchTimeWaster: Use Boxmen

useboxmen-picNew Thing! I know you’re sitting there at your desk right now, om-nom-nom-nomming on your sandwich from the work cafeteria. You’re bored. This is where LunchTimeWaster comes in handy.

Every day at noon, Kotaku will deliver you some boredom relief. Not just in the shape of our effortlessly witty and startlingly informative gaming news. But also in the form of a browser-based game.

Like Use Boxmen.

It’s another platformer-puzzler (aren’t they all, these days?) in which you guide your boxman to collect the boxes on each level. Easy enough. Except, as in Braid’s World 4, you need to create shadows of your boxman to perform tasks simultaneously, like flicking levers for you or running past gates while you hold them open with a switch.

The quirky narrator, jaunty soundtrack and squiggly line graphics all add to the charm.

If you’ve spotted a cool browser game you’d like to share with the Kotaku community, let us know and you may see it become a LunchTimeWaster!

Use Boxmen [Greg Sergeant]


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