LunchTimeWaster: Just Play This

No really, just play it. I'm not going to say anything else.

I'm serious.

Platform [Kafka's Koffee]


    Indeed it is

    I feel... unsatisfied.

    Heh. Guess he needs to ask Mario for some tips about double jumping and toughening up the skull. Bit of a depressing metaphor for life though TBH. O_O

    Life is hard.

    Huh. Well.... I guess. : /
    It's also saying if you just chill in your house, and never try to reach for more, you will live forever with a midi backing track.

    On my third play through i found the power suit, Awesome game, especially the end boss fight on the plane!! Though the interactive sex scenes and all the nudity was a bit over the top though.

    well that was different... i did have to laugh about the mushroom though :P

    So who played the second time to see what happened if you didn't do?

    or vice versa...

    Hilarious. I had a great laugh. :)

    Even though I knew the point of the game was that the coins were out of reach, I kept trying for like 10 minutes. Now THAT's a life metaphor.

    Haha, that was awesome.

    Once was enough though.


    Everyone has homework now, go read The Trial by Franz Kafka. That was great :)

    I demand a refund for this not wasting my lunchtime effectively.

    oh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun duuuun

    well that game left me feeling angry

    haha i sure showed those coins!

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