WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

WIN! Overlord II 360/PS3 Plus Your Own Minions

overlord2_ps3_ausratingHey, we’ve got another two copies of Overlord II to give away today to the best limerick writers in the Kotaku community. We also reveal the first two winners.

As you may know, Overlord II is all about the evil. As the titular Overlord, you command your minions to club seals to death, destroy hundreds of crates and beat up an entire race of effeminate elves. It is, as they say, some ridiculous fun.

We’re giving away two copies every day this week, one for PS3 (pictured) and one for Xbox 360. Plus, every winner also gets a set of four minion figurines.

All you have to do to win is write a cheeky limerick about your Overlording exploits. Check out the original post for the full details and leave your entry over there. Don’t leave your entry here!

That’s right, you can only enter the comp in the original post. Entries received between 12:00am and 11:59pm each day will go into that day’s draw.

UPDATE: Hey! People who can’t read! You need to leave your limerick in the original post!

Oh, and here are the first two winners…

Monday’s PS3 Winner
Some villagers out in the sticks
Had thought to appease me with gifts
But once I’d received them
My minions relieved them
From their meaningless lives, the twits!

Monday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Garrett T
There lives a wily villain named Dave,
Who thought that contests were quite the rave.
His minions tap the keys,
‘Gooses all, trying to please.
How sad- to Kotaku I’m just a slave.

Word to the wise: anyone else mentioning me or Kotaku will very probably not win! (Unless it’s really good.)


  • There once was a mean Overlord
    With whom evil struck such a chord
    When he heard a laugh
    Most often he’d barf
    And gross out his entire horde


  • Someone had to do it Dave
    We’re in a gamer-haze
    When you said “original post”
    we heard “sunday roast”
    and posted the limerick here anyway

    I’ve given up competing. I went mad over coming up with answers for prototype…this one was just for fun.

  • There once was a devious minion.
    He was held in low public opinion.
    At the overlords command
    The minion had weapons in hand
    and the people became part of his dominion.

  • The Overlord is stealthy and mean
    To avoid him you must quarantine
    He’ll frighten your mum
    and promptly become
    disorderly, cruel and obscene.


  • There was a minion called Bugley,
    Who considered himself quite ugly.
    So this quickly he implored,
    To his dear Overlord,
    Who surprisingly replied he was snugly.

    – 360

    • Noob question, but are we supposed to contact you with our postal address? Or do we wait to receive an email from you first?

  • There once was this dude from Mordialloc,
    who previously had lost his c***.
    The Overlord did grin,
    but during his act of sin,
    His minions dressed him up in a frock.

  • These lambs were meant for slaughter,
    Mothers fathers sons and daughters.
    Hatchets and swords will hack,
    My minions lodge them in their backs,
    And bring the bodies back in big sacks.

    360 Please.

  • There once was an overlord who ruled the land
    He loved crushing skulls with his bare hands
    It made his minions laugh with glee
    When he made his enemies so scared they would pee
    At least it’s better than playing with your Wii

    360 please

    • Last time I’ll mention this: entries must be left in the comments of the original post to be eligible.

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