God Of War III Developer Wary Of Being Banned In Australia

God Of War III Developer Wary Of Being Banned In Australia

Is Sony’s God Of War III development team concerned about their game being refused classification in Australia? Apparently, yes.

That was the question Screen Play put to GOWIII’s art director Sean Cunningham today. Sean’s response?

“There is (concern),” says Sean. “We try to push the boundaries a little bit. (But) we’ve had meetings and discussions and internally we all have a good gauge on what’s ‘too far’.”

Sean goes on to discuss how his studio works with the various ratings boards around the world to ensure the content of their game falls in line with the rating they want. And obviously, they don’t want to be banned.

He adds, “Also visually, everyone’s really excited. The disembowelment of the centaur, ripping Helios’s head off, the reaction from the floor has been amazing. Everybody in the studio is very happy.”

They’ll be even happier if such scenes manage to qualify for an MA15+ rating in Australia.

We’ve asked Sony Australia for comment and will let you know what they say.

God-awful trouble for Sony [Screen Play]


  • Well the game has more chance of coming out before the filter, so really I’d rather they go nuts and at least give us a chance of getting an uncut game than toning it down before it’s even classified.

  • They shouldn’t be holding back. Give it as much gore as it needs. If it’s altered in anyway for the AU release I’ll be importing.

  • Based on the oflc’s passed decisions any game could or could not get banned regardless of its content, their so called ‘system’ is so inconsistent it blows my mind.

    Why they don’t just give us an R rating and be done with the issue entirely I’ll never understand.

  • ill have to resort to kidnapping, murdering and gutting people to see gore, i wish i was joking

  • If this gets dulled down for AUS, which could detract from the game on a whole…
    That sucks.
    This is why we need a R rating, dammit.
    *mumbles angry words about Atkinson*

  • Well, since the game will most likely come out in the US before everywhere else, you might be able to get it into the country before it gets officially banned 🙂

  • Ratings board is overrated.
    They just need to disappear and give us more freedom.
    I think is total bullshit that some bunch of people controls what we see and what we can’t. And we call this beautiful wrap a “democracy”.

  • The OFLC has never banned games based on violence or gore.. (except for maybe Manhunt)

    As long as GOW3 doesnt feature drugs, children or fucking then itll pass..

  • I personally couldn’t see it being banned considering there weren’t any problems with the previous God of War games…

  • it will be banned. ill just order it in tho, i’ll get the phone number for yes asia if they ban the website, if its stopped at customs (like my set murder pieces DVD) ill have to pick it up from some dodgy import joint, but after it comes out in the US ill apply for my gun licence at the same time and see which is first

  • this is bull God of War 3 better not get banned in austrlia when its the biggest game for ps3 so plz dont let it get banned because i really want this game so plz stop them from banning GOD OF WAR 3 and make them acept the greastest ps3 in to austrlia on MARCH 2010.

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