This Ashes 2009 Trailer Will Catch You At Square Leg

Codemasters has sent a new trailer in to bat for their upcoming Ashes Cricket 2009 game. It shows footage that may or may not be gameplay.

We might have to refer this one to the third umpire.

UPDATE: Apparently all the footage is taken from the game's replay mode. So, yes, it's gameplay, just not shown from the camera view you'll use to play the game.

Ashes Cricket 2009 is out on August 13 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And if you missed it - we certainly did - there's a second trailer too. We're not sure if using Kasabian's "Club Foot" as the soundtrack is utterly inappropriate or really quite apt.

[Thanks CricketGaming]


    Although cricket is a passion it is just so hard to get excited about cricket games they are just not at the level of other sports games just yet.

    @ Dean: How do you know ? You hven't even played Ashes 2009. I think it looks cool =)

    Yeah looks good. I used to love Super International Cricket on the snes.

    For gameplay it doesn't look a hell of a lot different to RP2007, but I'm buying it anyway... if only for widescreen :)

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