You Can Punch Final Fantasy Characters In September

You Can Punch Final Fantasy Characters In September

dissidia-final-fantasy-9Dissidia: Final Fantasy now has an Australian release date. It also has a snazzy collectors edition. Let’s take a look.

Dissidia is the Final Fantasy spin-off that pits a cast of FF heroes and villains against each other in a one-on-one fighting game. Not forgetting its RPG roots, there’s also a raft of character upgrade and customisation options, all designed by the team behind Kingdom Hearts.

Distributed by Ubisoft, it’s out in Australia on September 3 only for PSP.

Ubisoft also sends word of the collectors edition, available exclusively through EB. For 20 bucks more than the standard edition, you get all this stuff pasted straight from the press release:

* Unique DISSIDA FINAL FANTASY clamshell packaging * Full boxed copy of the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY game * DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Best Selection Soundtrack Mini-CD: The DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Best Selection Soundtrack Mini-CD includes a selection of music tracks from the game that are especially chosen for this Special Edition version by composer Takeharu Ishimoto. The Mini-CD will be presented inside a unique pochette and contain liner notes written by Takeharu Ishimoto. * Hardback, 48-page The Art of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY artwork book: featuring character artwork, CG rendered art and more from across the game production. * Brady Games Official Miniguide: 32-page game guide printed in full colour, with character artwork, descriptions and walkthrough information – to help you win the battle. * Exclusive Lithograph Prints: 2 Exclusive Lithograph prints, inside a unique DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY branded bandwrap featuring artwork not used to promote the original Japanese version of the game.

Forgive the full caps game title, marketing people like that sort of thing.

So… which Final Fantasy character would you most like to punch?



  • You’ll want to pummel the absolute crap out of Onion Knight for being the cheapest little bastard in the game at higher levels. Kefka’s a close second, only by virtue of the sheer number of cheap trick attacks & other such things he sports.. Which I guess is more or less in line with his character 🙂

    September won’t come fast enough!

  • WHAT
    I already threw in a pre-order from Play Asia, too.
    Eh… so now’s the dilemma of choosing the cheaper, imported US standard edition, or a possibly overpriced Australian collectors/special edition thingy. There seems to be a decent amount of extras in it though. Oh, and an extra month of waiting.

      • Ah, quite right.
        But, you know, us Gen Y’ers are impatient.
        Or something.
        I’dunno, I can’t keep up with all the things the media tells us we are. Lazy, self centred, uncommunicative, bad with money, bad with jobs, bad with, uh, grocery shopping, etc.

        The point is, wooo, lithograph prints?

  • $69 for the standard or $89 for the SE. No sign of pre-order specials yet, but from what I gathered in store the game only popped up on their system yesterday.

    I’m a sucker for CE collections & the above listed stuff more or less justifies (in my mind) the extra cash. Just hoping we see them do a “trade x, get for $x” type deal.

  • “Unique DISSIDA FINAL FANTASY clamshell packaging”

    Clamshell packaging as in that horrible plastic bullshit that requires you to hack it apart with a large knife and risk maiming yourself on the sharp edges just to get your stuff out?

    How is that a good thing?

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