Your Assassin’s Creed 2 Limited Edition Choice Is Black And White

Your Assassin’s Creed 2 Limited Edition Choice Is Black And White

Ubisoft has dropped us a note about the two limited Assassin’s Creed 2 editions you can pick up come November. Will you choose Black or White?

We heard about the Black Edition in June. Today Ubisoft has confirmed this will be exclusive to one retailer in Australia. That retailer is EB Games.

But there’s also another limited edition offer… the Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition, which will be available at all retailers.

The Assassin’s Creed 2 Black Edition retails for $149.95 on 360/PS3 and $129.95 on PC. Remember, it’s only available at EB. It contains: * Ezio Figurine * 3 in-game bonus quests (Palazzo Medicis in Florence, Santa Maria Dei Frari In Venice, Arsenal Shipyard Warehouse In Venice) * 64-page Conspiracy art book * Official soundtrack by Jesper Kyd * Bonus behind-the-scenes DVD * Collectible black packaging featured with unique authenticity holographic signature

The Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition retails for $129.95 on 360/PS3 and $109.95 on PC. It contains: * Ezio Figurine * 1 in-game bonus quest (Santa Maria Dei Frari In Venice) * Collectible white packaging featured with unique authenticity holographic signature

The standard disc-only edition is $109.95 on 360/PS3 and $89.95 on PC. Check out the pics below.



  • WHAT!? White edition is supposed to contain 3 in-game quests too!!?? that’s crap!!! gah… WTH did they changed it >.<

    • Well no one is gonna pay $149 for the Black when you’re just gonna get a book and some behind the scenes DVD extra when the White is cheaper and comes with the bonus Quests.

      Especially when White is at all retailers and Black at EB. I’m sick of EB getting all these exclusives. They are the most priciest retailer & it annoys me. JB should step up and start picking up some of these exclusives and so some good trade-in deals and specials to attract more consumers, take some marker share from EB!

      But… unfort i need to purchase from EB for this Black edition. That will be the first game (not to be second hand) since the first Assassin’s that i purchased from EB.

      OH! And it will only retail the standard edition at EB for $109, everywhere else, $89-$99.

      • Lol at basically this whole comment.

        You say EB is the most expensive game retailer but they always price match, sure it’s no good for an exclusive like this, but still, they will give you any game which is at multiple stores for the same price as JB.

        Also, JB regularly offer all sorts of exclusive deals that EB don’t get, and do have special trade in offers, just recently I got Prototype on 360 for trading in 3 360 games.

      • white edition and black edition are both eb/gamestop (owned by same company) specials, but i hear you i dont have a gamestop close by so i have to order online for the games with takes 5 days to come -.-

      • Actually, this is how it works.

        EB sells at RRP (recommended retail price)

        JB Hi-Fi sells at invoice prive, which is cost+shipping. The reason for this is that JB doesnt make money off games anyway, and since their margin is down across the board, they drop the price of games to attract attention and potential new customers.
        Other big name retailers do this too.

        EB and JB Hi Fi still both pay the same ammount for a game, which for a big console release like AC2 is $75, the difference is that JB makes money off TV’s and DVD’s not games.

        I’m sick of people bashing on EB because they dont understand the world outside their two foot personal space bubble.

        Nobody complains when they sell they old console or old game to EB Games, other than “I only got $15 for my 1 year old game” which is a ridiciulous complaint anyway.

        I wonder if the same people buy a DVD one day and expect to sell it for more than 60% of its originak value a year or more later.

        Grow up. EB Price Matches, offers a ton of other extras like scratch warranty, console warranty and a 7 return.

        The only place that does a better offer is MYER because their console warranty is 6 years.

        and JB Hi Fi is staffed by rude and uninformed personell who want commision and dont aim for customer satisfaction.

        I used to work at JB and left to work at EB because i enjoy games and i want to make sure people get the best possible help.

        JB works on the motto “sell X amount at X cost to achieve X comission”

        EB works on “give customers the best possible service so they come back”

        and EXCLUSIVES are bid on by retailers, so EB paid an exorberant amount for Black and the $150 price tag is designed for a %25 profit.

        Consoles are at a $40 profit.

        Peace out uninformed weekend warriors.

        • Are you kidding me?
          do you really know what you are talking about?
          i went into EB the other day and asked them weather they could pre-order the black edition for PC for me they said and i quote… ” Pre-orders are over the game has come out!” THEY KNOW NOTHING!

          another thing is that i went in there and was looking at a PC game and a guy from there came over to me and asked… “So you like XBOX i see!”
          EB games employees know NOTHING!

          • why were you buying a game on pc anyway. pc sucks. the eb employee was probably having a joke at your expense because you were looking at pc games. get a game consol. pc geek

          • You’re an idiot annon (btw, anon is the abbreviation for anonymous, not annon). PC kicks the ass of consoles in almost every way conceivable. The only people who say otherwise are the twelve year-old kids who got a console for Christmas and can’t afford anything better.

    • You might wanna read it again. White edition has only 1 bonus quest whereas the black edition comes with 3. Besides, it has a nicer little bundle, and when you have been in anticipation for this game for over a year like i have, you will really appreciate things such as the bonus dvd. I just can’t wait to carry on with the future storyline.

      However, i wonder why kotaku has made an article on this just now…? When i went to pre-order assassins creed on the 360 to save missing out on any special items at EB games (my games retailer of choice), i noticed they had the black and white edition both for sale. So i’m left thinking, isn’t this old news? or have they updated it just now to include more?

      Either way, i have my black edition pre order receipt sitting right next to my monitor. lol the printing is starting to fade actually. They better get it out there soon!

      • Prob wrote it wrongly. But I thought i read it about a few weeks ago that white edition will have 3 in game quests too. And I choose the white edition, coz i’m sure the artbook/DVD will be up on the net within few days after released.

        But yea, I’m now contemplating whether i should get the white edition or black edition. I don’t care for figurine either. But JB’s offer of white edition with free hoodie is kinda tempting…

        Hopefully I’ll hear more on these 3 in-game quests and see whether they are worth it or not.

      • You know what kotaku? you guys suck. After just making a lo0ng reply, i forgot the email address and guess what? it didn’t save my reply in memory!
        Here’s the general gist of what i said:

        I’d appreciate the real artwork/dvd more than a online version (insert paragraph long explanation here)

        The hoodie looks really tempting, but unless it has the words assassins creed taken off with just the abstergo or assassins creed symbol left on them, it might not be worth walking around with.

        As for the figurine, i just missed out on the altair one, (i bought it just a bit after launch) so i’m sure as hell not missing out on this one. I think it’s gonna have to sit in it’s package next to my unopened COG tags… hehehe

        Also, i doubt the 3 in game quests will be re-released until
        1. the pc version; or
        2. there is a crack/leaked codes (assuming the bonus content is already there)

        Either way, november 17th has a big circle around it 😀
        Not cool kotaku…

    • Yeah I think you get a strat guide and satchel bag as well if you pre-order the white at GAME.
      Its on the front page of their website.

  • Honestly, this is exactly whats wrong with this modern, microtransaction world. Being forced to pay an extra $40 over the standard game for 3 quests that should be built in (and probably are, you’re probably paying for a code)is just greed from Ubi, back in the day they would be included in a patch for free.

  • At least these guys aren’t being dicks like Activision and releasing the special editions for PC as well, Black edition for me though.

  • Official Soundtrack by Jasper Kyd? that almost makes it worth the extra money and having to buy from EB.

    • and the dvd… and the figurine… and the book. Then again, no one is really holding a gun to your head, so i don’t see what the problem is with getting the black edition. People who appreciate this stuff will buy it. Obviously you’re not one of them. So your argument is pretty invalid

      • Lol, I wasn’t being Sarcastic I’m actually I fan of Jasper Kyds music, he also does the hit man soundtracks. As for an argument, I argue that it’s uncompetitive when only EB has this edition, it’s only $130 in NZ unfortunately they don’t ship here.

      • Oh, well i apologise then for my offensive comment as your comment sounded incredibly sarcastic. ahaha.
        I really loved the music from the first game, which is what really got me into jasper kyd. I also believe having EB as the only retailer with the black edition is fairly uncompetitive. I mean, now you got no choice! if you want all the bells and whistles, prepare to burn a hole in your pocket.

        I actually see JB Hi-Fi as a really loyal retailer despite me getting the black edition from EB. It gives customers a reason to shop elsewhere and get the less packed edition. Same with Game.

  • Yeah, GAME has a free the prima game guide and a satchel free with thiers, and a pretty good trade deal as well, that’s who i’m ordering with.
    I hate those EB jerks.

  • Also, if you pre-order the White edition at Jb Hi-Fi, you get an Assassins Creed hoodie.
    Which annoys me because I wanted the black edition, but I can’t ignore the hoodie. Looks like I’ll be forking out too much money these holdays

  • JB are also offering long-sleeve hooded t-shirts with the White Edition.

    But this bonus in-game content stuff is ridiculous. If I buy a game, I want to receive the entire game. If someone isn’t able to buy this at launch, by the time they are able to get it, the black edition might not be available. Why should they have to suffer by not being able to play the entire game? Similarly for people who just can’t afford the BE over the normal one.

    By all means offer exclusive multi-player content like different costumes or whatever, or, like Fable 2, an extra which doesn’t actually affect gameplay at all [the Halo Spartan costume thing] but actual story/mission based single-player content? I’m considering cancelling my pre-order and boycotting this game and any future ones which do the same.

  • Wouldn’t a single retailer be almost price fixing. I mean it’s an agreed deal between the publisher and the retailer.

    I’ve bought very few special/limited editions in my time and admittedly, have flicked through the book and never once opened let alone played the behind the scenes DVD.

  • the 3 bonus quests are just extras i.e: the gameplay and plot is unaffected.
    anyway i am just going to get the normal one for 89 bucks instead of wasting 150 for a few extra stuff (personally) but if u have the money to spare then you might as well get the extras.
    p.s: hoodie attached might get me buying it from jb for $110

  • I’m guessing the extra quests will be released as DLC anyway, so you either buy em up front with the collectors or later on as DLC. They’ve done the same with quite a few games.

    I might go the black ed for the art book and stuff, kinda disappointed the figure is different, I prefer the white cover art version.

  • i loved the first game but i am not paying fuckin 149.99 or 109.99 plus tax for this game especially since i am going to get modern warfare prestige editiion for 150.99 that is a little more then 300.00 no FUCKING WAY they better lower the price on ythe original edition or i am not getting this game and i will never buy any ubistoft stuff ever again

  • When i had finished the first game i remember wishing that they would make a second game and it’s almost here, i pre-ordered the black edition as soon as it was advertised and i admit i weed my pants a little with excitement. Several months later i am still so so eager to start playing this game i can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this game loved the first and the second looks so amazing i think i may watch the demo walk through again, Oh and i love the bonus material you get with the Black edition

  • Great…another overpriced EB exclusive…

    Unrelated to Assassin’s Creed…but here’s a great example of how much EB Games overprices their products:

    Forza Motorsport 3 (Standard Edition@EB- $99
    Forza Motorsport 3 (Limited Edition)@EB- $119
    Forza Motorsport 3 (Standard Edition@JB HiFi- $79
    Forza Motorsport 3 (Limited Edition)@JB HiFi – $99

    The day digital distribution becomes the norm and the shares of EB tank is a day I will celebrate

    • Well i don’t know about the EB games stores that you live near but the EB games that is in my town has the most loyal, knowledgeable, nicest staff i’ve ever been served by and if I see it cheaper by prob $10 at another store; chances are i’ll still buy it at EB and not ask for a price match. Seriously they’re good as lads there and in the top within top 50 EB stores in Aus (This is a country town btw).

  • also “I’m sick of people bashing on EB because they dont understand the world outside their two foot personal space bubble.” nice. everyone got their own opinion and one’s own experience do they not?

    – DOXEY
    November 29, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    Are you kidding me?
    do you really know what you are talking about?
    i went into EB the other day and asked them weather they could pre-order the black edition for PC for me they said and i quote… ” Pre-orders are over the game has come out!” THEY KNOW NOTHING!

    another thing is that i went in there and was looking at a PC game and a guy from there came over to me and asked… “So you like XBOX i see!”
    EB games employees know NOTHING!-

    i dont know where it is that the gamestop/eb you went to, but here in NYC, the staff are very knowledgeable. some might feel strongly about certain things more than others, but the knowledge of what they do is a must.

  • i think that the price is rediculously high at $150ishbut yes i understand eb needs to make profit so not angery witht hem and eb are the best i feel sorry for those people who have jerks at their local retailer ours are great and really well informed, i only have one complaint with them and thats their inconsistent and usually overly priced second hand games

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