Snapshot: This Man Squishes Orcs For A Living

Snapshot: This Man Squishes Orcs For A Living

Snapshot is all about giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people who make the games you play. Think of it as Cribs, but with fewer obnoxious celebs and more development geeks.

Every Snapshot will see us ask five questions of a game developer, hopefully providing you with a little insight into what they do and why they do it. Also, we show you their desk.

Today, we travel all the way over to Perth and squish some orcs with Tim Best from iPhone devs Spinfast.

Who Are You?
Timothy C. Best, Game Designer, Spinfast

What Work Did You Do Today?
A couple of the lads from Karnivool came into the office today, so I did some meeting and greeting and we took some promo photos. This would have been pretty odd, except for the fact we just released Pools of Blood which features their single “Set Fire to the Hive”. It’s all very iPhone-y and convergent.

On the design side, I tested a course in a new prototype, had a discussion about how much we should let players edit character descriptions (Danger, Will Robertson!), then I got back into work of actually cooking up those descriptions and the character attributes to go with them. Should eye-bow guy, who is vaguely like this real-life guy, be faster than than goatee guy based vaguely on those two guys? Lots of numbers, writing and head scratching is involved.

How’d You Get Your Job?
I started with about ten years in games journalism, joined a different Perth game studio as a researcher, then ninja-rolled sideways into an officially unofficial design role there. Finally, I moved across to Spinfast to take up an officially official design role.

What’s The Last Game You Played And How Was It?
Not including work-related stuff, it’d have to be Dawn of War II. I’m battling through the campaign on hard, which turns it into a pretty dig-in, get-down and get-tactical affair. It’s also fearsome pretty. Lasers, missiles trailers and flamers, oh my!

What’s On Your Desk?
Dead centre is a chunky work laptop. Around the edges there’s the mandatory figurine (Magdalena, at the moment*),* miscellaneous papers and CDs, headphones, a glass of water and a bunch of game magazines wedged between bookends shaped like wickets. There’s also a “Super Test Super Stars” hat perched in there too. Did I mention that we have a cricket game?


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  • Woah… Attack of the ex-PCPowerplay writers. As a long time reader it’s good to see Timothy got even more hands-on from his first development job.

  • Hah yeah, that name rang some bells and I quickly realised why. PC POWERPLAY. Too bad I traded in my subscription for website like Kotaku a while ago 🙂

    If I were a lesser man I would suspect some sort of advertising-for-mates conspiracy here 😉

  • Pretty much everyone in Game Journalism in Australia has worked for Next Media at some point. Bastards are everywhere. Half the commenters around here are off the forums too 😛

    Also Taking Care of Business there has my shirt.

  • If you read this Tim its a big G’day from your mate ROM great to see you doing so well man.
    Actually, every time I spoke with you I always had this gut feeling you where hiding mega skills and now I see I was right.
    You sneeky bugger. haha!!

    I guess being a magazine editor would seem rather small considering what you do now in the big scheme of life?
    Well done indeed, I am really proud of you.

    PS: They killed my ROM’s Bunker man. sob-sniff-sob! LOL

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