Watch Someone Squish Orcs For 4 And A Half Minutes

This is possibly the bloodiest game I've ever seen. Certainly the bloodiest Australian-made game I've seen.

Perth based studio Staring Man has just released the aptly named Pools of Blood for the iPhone. It's a very literal take on the tower defence genre, handing you one central tower to defend from the orcs rushing in at all angles.

Metal band Karnivool, also from Perth, have supplied the soundtrack. And if that isn't the perfect musical accompaniment to the sight of mashed orc flesh, I don't know what is.

Pools of Blood [official site]


    i love Karnivool.
    Im gonna get this for some orc killing goodness :P

    Would this be something that the Australia video game Board Thingy people will ban?

    oh wow, just watching this alone makes me want to get an Iphone ^^v

    Seriously this game is terrible in so many ways. The art is bad, the gameplay infantile but maybe that appeals to the average user of an iphone. I really hope not. I seriously hope Karnivool got some serious kick back from this.

      Don't think that Spinfast/Staring Man really care, so long as they are making a sh*t ton of money. I suspect they're not though lol.......

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