What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I played an hour of Shadow Complex a month ago. This weekend though, I'm going to sit down and play it from start to finish.

I do love me some Metroidvania. Everything I've seen and heard so far points toward Shadow Complex stacking up pretty well against the genre classics: Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I'm still not sure about its aesthetic; it's all a bit too American for my tastes. Simon Parkin described it as "Super Metroid re-imagined by J.J.Abrams" and I'm a little worried that's not quite as great as it sounds. We'll see.

Otherwise, I'll no doubt have some Fallout 3 to get through. I don't think my weekend gaming would be complete without it.

How about you?


    Weekend just began with finishing shadow complex but I think I will get back in to it searching for the 100% Forget the story it is rubbish but it does not effect the fun I have had thus far with the game

    This weekend im hitting up the new Wolfenstein, i bought it the other day and have only had about 2 hours at most with it, i like it for may reasons...nazis...zombie nazis...explosions....id software.
    oh and am totally spending some quality time with Shadow complex, that game is incredible from what ive played so far and IMO raises the bar for downloadable games alot more than battlefield 1943 does..
    oh and Marvel vs Capcom 2 thrown in the mix aswell. Might try to finish Killzone 2. maybe.

    For my money, the game looks absolutely fantastic. It really is a marvel of design.

    Unfortunately, Americans get it for US$15.

    Because of the way MSP work here, the MINIMUM purchase required is AUD$24.95 for 1500 MSP.

    And frankly, as good as the game looks, $25 buys you a really good AAA second-hand game these days.

    Why is it exactly that Australians are offered such pitiful MSP purchase options? Other countries get the choice of 100 MSP increments. We get 500 increments.

      But 15 dollars over there can buy a used AAA game tooo... But i agree with you, I hate the MS Points system and they seem to be moving in the right direction with being able to pay pure money value from a credit card with games on demand.

      Sony is the only company to get it right in my opinion, here is how much it costs here is what you have to pay. There is no Points system that can trick people... 50c for an Avatar tshirt or 80 Ms Points. What cost more?

        One caveat: you need to fund your 'wallet' with at least $10. Still, at least you don't have to convert crazy-arse Space Points to real dollars.

        Not any more you dont. You can charge it straight to your credit card. Thats what i did with fat princess.

    Does idling in Tf2, waiting for a hat count?

    Forza 2 and GT Prologue

    Oh yeah, and the new NHL10 demo on the 360, over and over and over again!

    Love the new board play feature!!!

    Im going to start Far Cry 2. Anytips for a novice starting the game Mr Wildgoose??

    Mass Effect. Working on my third playthrough and 2nd/3rd Ally Achievements.

    After finally getting Steam during the incredibly cheap Valve sale last weekend, I then discovered Audiosurf on Thursday and have played very little since. Or done anything since, really.

      Audiosurf is the most replayable game in existence, I love it to death. Every time I get an new album, the first thing I'll do is jump on Audiosurf and give it a go... even after a year it's still amazing.

    Might as well play some Sims 3, Counter-Strike and make a few maps for Portal.

    EVE Online and Space Siege (free with Alpha Protocol preorder on Steam).

    That, and the "wade through the 3 pages of WoW articles on kotaku today" game. BREAKING NEWS A DESIGNER AT BLIZZARD ATE A SANDWICH, ENJOYED IT

      NEW BATMAN VIDEO AVAILABLE: "The typography of Arkham Asylum; a developer's journey in to calligraphic chaos."

    UFC Undesputed: Trying to make a CAF with crazy stats, I'm still only getting 60 points a training session though, eh.

    I've finally got my hands on Overlord 2, sucked me in for about 3 hours straight late last night.
    No doubt a bit of WoW thrown in somewhere. Also Plants vs Zombies. I also got Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood so I'll be trying to allocate some time to giving the single player campaign a spin.

    Shadow Complex with bouts of Trials HD, however Trials has just stopped being fun and is now maddening. That mix of Linerider-meets-Trackmania suckered me in.

    Apart from those two gems, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and perhaps some Modern Warfare.

    Trials HD - Must Get Gold... Must Get Gold... Must Get Gold.
    Its like GT Licence Tests all over again. At least the restarts are fast.

    Gift shopping and eating bacon. One game was more fun than the other. Take a guess. (Hint: The good one involved pig. Nom nom.)

    just finished shadow complex.need to keep playing to 100% it.great game looks lovely best on live yet.

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