So Who Won Those Order Of War Prizes?

We've spent the last five days recruiting entrants to a giveaway for Order Of War, the Square Enix published WWII RTS. Now we can reveal all five lucky winners.

The plan, if you missed it, saw you writing a marketing tagline for the game. Something clever, something catchy.

The prize, courtesy of Aussie distributor Ubisoft, was a copy of Order Of War on PC, the game's soundtrack and a limited edition mouse pad.

We picked one winner per day over the five days of the competition. And here they are.

Wednesday's Winner Ben Abraham: “Order of War – “Because War Never Is.”

Thursday's Winner chuloopa: “Order of War: I’ll have the sour kraut.”

Friday's Winner Ronald: “Order of War: I’ll have Lolle Goebel Blitz Bomb.”

Monday's Winner phantomdiorama: “order of war: hors d’oeuvre of war”

Tuesday's Winner Henry Fatbackson: "Order of War: Fast and Führerious."

Congratulations to all involved, but especially the five winners, proving once again that Kotaku readers are the wittiest on the internets. I'll be in touch today to arrange delivery of your prizes.


    Order of war - I wasted my time

      order of war - here, have a hug :)

    5 novels worth, and nada.... Maybe I'll try sticking to the rules next time... :/ Did you not even enjoy reading them David? :(

    Congrats tho to all the winners!

    Gotta also say, not sure who it was, but the
    "Order of Waugh, first Steve then Mark"
    one was a classic, give that guy a prize!

      He forgot Dean and... er... the other one.

        hehe. I quite liked the Tuesday's winner when I read it.

        In regards to my offering,

        "Order of Waugh, first Steve then Mark", I only went with the twins, where the order is more important, and the names more well known.

        The complete order of Waugh (without going into fathers and sons) would be...

        "Order of Waugh, first Steve then Mark, later Dean and Danny."

        Better luck next time I guess.

      haha yeh that one one of my faves.

      well done everyone and better luck next time Qumulys

    I think some entries may have been missed. If you look at the dates and the page (previous day) they were posted on. eg. There are comments for two days on this page:

      As stated in the post "To be eligible for each day’s draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day’s competition post."

      Entries left outside this time period were not considered for the prize.

        Agree, but they are entries for the next days competition!

          Sorry, they're still ineligible because they weren't left on the correct post.

    Tuesday's caption is hilarious! Congrats to all winners. =]

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