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order of war screen 3We have another World War II themed prize pack to give away today. All you need to do to be in with a chance is leave a comment on this post. Just like yesterday's winner did.

Order Of War is out in Australia today, exclusively for PC. Somewhat oddly, it’s a Western-developed RTS being published by Japanese giant Square Enix. But developer has plenty of pedigree, as their name suggests.

It’s a gorgeous looking game set in WWII’s European theatre. You’ll play as the US marching towards Germany from the west and also as the Germans as they defend the Russian advance from the east. Apparently, the idea is to allow you to both make history and change it, too.

At least, I think I’ve read that in the marketing materials. Which gave me the idea for this comp.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got five prize packs to giveaway, one each day from Sept 16 to Sept 22 (skipping the weekend). To be eligible for each day’s draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day’s competition post.

Each prize pack contains: * A copy of Order Of War on PC * An Order Of War CD soundtrack * A limited edition Order Of War mouse pad

To enter, as I hinted at earlier, I want you to come up with a marketing tagline for Order Of War. We’ve done this type of comp before, so go and have a peek at the Madworld and The Conduit comps if you find yourself confused.

The daily winners will be the smartest, wittiest and creativiest taglines we see. Or just the ones we like the most.

Good luck!

Oh, and this is where I announce the first winner. Yesterday's draw was fiercely contested, as is often the case on day one of these comps. (Hint: we always have fewer entries on the last day of the comp.) And I was torn between three, in particular. But in the end I had to go with...

Ben Abraham's tagline: "Order of War - "Because War Never Is."

Congrats, Ben, I'll be in touch next week once all five winners have been drawn.

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    Order of War: Kanye won't interrupt this one

    Order of War: Be the Billionth person to help win this never ending war!

    Order of War: They started it!

    Order of War: German Precision, American Friendly Fire!

    Order of War: History is History

      Order of War, War of Order.

    Order Of War - Changing history one battle at a time

    Order or War - Winners Win. Losers Whine.

    Order Of War - One War Is Never Enough

    Order of war - In the name of peace

    Order of War with a side of Fritz

    Order of War - Somewhere between 1 and 3

    Order of War - Ze Germans Are Coming!

    Order of War - I'm in Ur Base, Killin' Ur Doodz

    ORDER OF WAR : The global equivalent of YOU GOT SERVED...only with tanks and planes and stuff.

    Order of War- You just can't run away from this war

    The Order of War Determines Mein Piece

    The Order of War Determines the Placement of Peace

    Order of War:Can you achieve this oxymoron?

    War with Speiskarte Bolognaise

    Order of War: Nein, Nein, Nein; Oh yes, yes, yes

    Order Of War, Your War is now Upsized

    World Order or Deutscher Orden?

    Pre-Order of War today and receive a bonus blitzkrieg!

    Order of War: Control the chaos

    Order of War is a excuse to do some city re-development. Bombs away!!!

    Order of War - America and Russia walk into Germany. Ouch.

    Can I repost my submission from yesterday?

    Order of War – There's Method to the Madness

    Order of War: Step 1, insult some ugly german by calling his wife a kranzky sucking butcher's shop.
    Step 2, after getting directions from the ugly german to the village's meatery you make some 'mouthy eating sausage' gesture and point to his wife.
    Step 3, the ugly german says you can have her for 1 hour in exchange for 6 kranzky's, points to her rear and shakes his head "But not in das eine pooper". he says.
    Step 4, After noticing how badly wrong this insult is turning out, you decide to give the ugly germans wife the once over, she aint too bad really, maybe if she just brushed her beard a little...
    Step 5, After returning with a pack of footy franks, the ugly german gets furious, "Das ist not eine Kranzky!" He says, rolling up his sleeves. His wife stops brushing her beard(s) and runs inside out of harms way.
    Step 6, Thus is the Order of War.

    (again, apologies to my grandpa....)

    History's your plaything now.

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