Bargain Hunter: Xbox Controller Discount

Bargain Hunter: Xbox Controller Discount

Been meaning to mention this for a couple of weeks now, since it began on September 16. Lucky it runs all the way until November 15!

Microsoft have marked down the price of most of its range of wireless Xbox 360 controllers. At participating retailers, you’ll pay 20% less for your 360 controller until mid-November.

The only wireless controllers this discount doesn’t apply to are the new Halo 3: ODST one and the delicious bento one.

Oh, and those participating retailers are: Big W, Clive Peeters, Dick Smith, Domayne, EB, GAME, JB Hi-Fi and Myer.

Up to 20% off Wireless Controllers [Xbox]


  • Just a quick note to say GAME are actually offering $20 off atm, which is a bigger discount!

    also you can grab a copy of UFC 09 plus a 360 white wireless controller for only $99!

  • Any word from David the bargain hunter on where we can get fifa 10 for the best price? For some reason I have a voice in the back of my head telling me upgrading my fifa experience is not quite worth the full $100

    • FWIW JX, GAME will beat Kmarts price of $86 for FIFA 10.

      As for whether it’s worth it? Eurogamer loved the bejeezus out of it, and having spent all week playing it myself, I do agree with them.

      However, online is still a lagfest, and it is still a FIFA title, regardless of how good this iteration is. Have yo considered trading your copy of FIFA09 to make 10 even cheaper?

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