Nintendo's Hairbrained DS Marketing Campaign

nintendo hair salonSo, honey, you've already got that dahhhling handbag, but what about your hair? Fortunately Nintendo Australia is on hand to help you out.

We can't quite believe we're typing this.

Nintendo Australia contacted us to advise they've "partnered" with renowned hair salon Toni & Guy. What this "partnership" means is, from today until November 30, you'll be able to play with a Nintendo DSi while you're getting your hair "pampered" at the hairdresser's Paddington, Sydney, salon.

As Nintendo helpfully point out: "While having your hair done, you can take a photo with the Nintendo DSi Camera and upload it directly to Facebook to share your new look with friends and family."

The best thing about this? I've got a sweet new lifestyle photo to use next time I post about the DSi. Cheers, Nintendo!


    the guy in this photo looks like sylar, from heroes, if he was questioning his sexuality.

    Hahaha! I have a mate that occasionally gets his hair done at Tony and Guy. David, I know the picture says otherwise, but some (even straight!) men get their hair done there too.

      $70/hair cut. AUSTRALIA SAYS NO.

    He may be straight but he isn't smart. Tony and Guy charge a fortune for a haircut you can get anywhere. The entire point of an expensive salon is paying for someone's expertise. Once you start to send out franchises, you are defeating the point.

    Also, any guy who pays more than $30 either has really long hair that needs a tonne of looking after, or he's an idiot.

    DSi camera + Wii + robot scissors =
    "Wii cut our own hair!"

    Someone's taking a peek at her Facebook.... :o

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