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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like your longest gaming session.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

This crazy guy just played GTA IV for 40 hours straight. What's the longest you've spent playing one game?

Me? I suspect it was probably Deus Ex. I can't recall the exact length of time, but I was writing a walkthrough for it and foolishly gallantly decided to cover off many of the multiple paths and options you could take in each mission. I wrote the whole thing over 3 days while playing through. Impressive for a game that takes about 20 hours to finish.


    Mine was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 from start to finish in one sitting. Think from memory it took about 16-17hrs. I was home laid up in bed with a stuffed back and had a mate's PS2. Loved MGS, so had someone pick up MGS2 from the video store and sat back to play it through. Was fun, although I wouldn't do it again. That game was guilty of far too many crimes against humanity, especially the horrible cutscenes and terrible plot (And Raiden).

    The closest I've come to that since has been a few marathon WoW sessions, but they rarely/if ever hit double digits.

    My longest gaming session was playing Phantasy Star online on the Sega Dreamcast.

    Started playing in the morning with my friend and then night came around and more people jumped online and before i new it, was 4am the next morning.

    Game was so adictive and playing with other ODWF members was great fun.

    I think this deserves some front page attention.

      Old news, dude.

    Mine was MGS4 release day.

    Started playing 10:30 in the morning finished it 4am the next day with about a half an hour break at most.

    I've played diablo 2 for about 20 hours with small breaks for smokes and food, got a amazon to about level 70 in one day

    well back in the good old days, i was about 8 when banjo tooie came out for nintendo 64.
    of course i snapped it up asap and on my first night with it played it for well over 12 hours through the night, i dodged and weaved as my parents came downstairs to pretend i was asleep when i was really learning new moves and flying around.

    When Final Fantasy 7 first came out, myself and three other friends pulled a 3 day stint, working in 3 hour shifts to get as far as we could. When you weren't playing, you were either napping (getting a quick storyline update when you woke up), or doing a snack run. It was epic.

    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion from 7am to 10pm is probably as long as I have ever - or will ever - go. So addictive I completely missed two meals... you could spend weeks doing that much a day and still not fully complete it!

    i played uncharted 2 for about 40 hours all up last week from friday till sunday. i think my FFX save was up to almost 250 hours

    Probably longest non-stop was when i got Crysis, dont know why tho was running it on an old computer at 800x600 and didnt really enjoy the game, but played for about 10 hours straight i think to finish it..

    Apart from that ive been to a few lans but most of them ive had a few breaks to watch tv or sleep...

    I sunk 27 hours into Mass Effect when it came out.
    I only noticed when I went to load it the next time and the save had how many hours.

    I think my best marathon was the entire Baldur's Gate series (BG1, TOTSC, BG2, ToB) run through I did over the course of a week. Too fun. I miss school holidays, kids these days don't know how good they get it grumble grumble...

    The day i first started playing TF2 i started at roughly 10am and finished around 9pm only due to a pained lower back from a wooden dinning chair and that i froze my computer.

    Can't see it with out Jung. Oh well. More time to game on Monday nights now.


    My longest gaming session?

    Probably an EverQuest II adventure.

    Or maybe it was a Left 4 Dead marathon...

    You know what, it could have been one of many Diablo 2 all-nighters (oh joyous memories!).

    Or... or even a Counter-Strike filled day off from school, back in the day!

    In the end I don't mind which was longest... All of them were fun times had, and I wouldn't trade them for anything :D

    Dead Space...yesterday?
    It had to go back to the video shop and I onlu had one trophy left (Impossible Mode). I got up at 7:05, went to bed at 1:37 but I got that damn platinum trophy.

    Otherwise it'd have to be Mario Party 2 on the 64; pulled a massive all-nighter with mates as a youngin'.

      Oh yeh, can't forget Pokemon Diamond - bought two weeks before it was released in Australia at Gametraders and the day it was released in Australia, I had clocked up 300 hours. That's 12.5 out 14 days of play, but I got my EV-trained, lvl. 100 Palkia.

      Don't judge me haha.

    When I was younger i would hire games from Blockbuster for PSX i would get em roughly arund 11:30am get home before 12:30 and play them game straight till aorund 10pm beofre having to go to bed. I distinclty remember hiring Harry Potter the 1st one starting it at around 2pm and when my mum told me to go to bed i looked at the clock and saw it was 10pm!

    Another time was when I go Scarface on PC. I started playing from 9pm and didnt stop till 7am the next morning.

    Hmmmmmmm. Intense,

    I'd have to say longest gaming sesh was eq1. Basically non stop for a coupla years. Spammed a bit about it in one of the articles on here. It got pretty full on at one stage. No man could stay up for the length of time some of the raids used to take in that game (I’m sure someone will beg to differ. If you do you must have been on something.
    We used to have to take turns in logging in each other’s characters. We were designated allocated sleeping hours. That said. Frikken hell it was fun. Its rare these days that there is a game that you can get so absorbed with. No time for life though. No time for jobs. No time for personal hygiene come to think of it. Can’t say I’ve seen a game since that could absorb you like that one. Hopefully it will come in time for my retirement so I can relive the ol days where I could just fiend the crap out of a game with no worries of responsibility.

    But yeah, no shortage of nights where I ended up with the keyboard imprinted on my forehead.

    Earlier this year I completed the entire NWN2 Storm of Zehir expansion in one straight 18 hour session. Ridiculously good game, that one.

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