WIN! A Badass Borderlands Xbox 360 Prize Pack

Every day this week we're giving away some badass Borderlands swag plus a copy of the game on Xbox 360. If you'd like to win, read on.

UPDATE: Monday's draw closed at midnight. Entries received after midnight are ineligible. Tuesday's draw is now open.

Thanks to our good friends at 2K Games each day this week we'll be giving away the following:

* A copy of Borderlands for Xbox 360 * A Borderlands t-shirt * A Borderlands mug * A Borderlands kitbag * A Borderlands notebook * A Boderlands cap * And a Borderlands retro tape player USB

Borderlands is the imminent - it's out on Thursday! - role-playing shooter from Gearbox Software. It might not be the Citizen Kane of games, but it is - in the words of Gearbox president Randy Pitchford - totally badass. We've played it, several times in fact, and we dig it.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game is its procedurally generated weapon system, which randomise a host of factors to ensure that you'll rarely find two weapons that are the same. Gearbox claim there are more weapons in Borderlands than in every other shooter this console generation combined.

But perhaps you can come up with a weapon they haven't got.

To be in the running to win, we want you to describe the Borderlands weapon you'd use to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Leave your weapon name and description in the comments below. Humour and creativity will be rewarded, as per usual Kotaku competition lines.

To be eligible for today's draw, you must leave your comment by midnight tonight. You're allowed one entry per day. If you want to enter in tomorrow's draw, you must comment on that post with a brand new weapon idea.

Good luck!

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    The Chroma-Cannon

    Forces a sudden change in art direction for your foe. Has a Slowing effect. Also causes Shame for the Project Lead. 5% chance of target no longer fitting with the new direction and being removed

      The eleven-foot pole - for poking things you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole

      I have the perfect gun.

      THE HSC KILLER - instantly kills the HSC and every aspect of it.

      C'mon... it's on my mind, I have a 3 hour Business Studies exam tomorrow.

      a gun what shoots a cat what calls a thousand rats

    The Eraser:

    A giant cylindrical wooden housing is the barrel of this weapon, model number HB, at it's end is where the real damage is done. A enormous rubbery knub.

    Your cel shaded enemies shall fear you as tale of your ability to literally scrub them from existence spreads. Each conquered foe leaving a tell tale grey smudge on the tip of your weapon.

      lol you cant be serious this wasnt there before now i look like a biter

        Great minds think alike.

    the eraser

    a large pencil shaped object, that fires objects that resemble rubbers it has 30% chance of removing limbs and or parts of the body. as well as its large amount of damage it also has a chance of stunning the enemy.

      Two "Erasers" already?!

        to be fair i think his was more creative ill have to think of somethign for tommorrow

    Three Letters...


    you all know what it stands for...

    its big... heavy... shoots a massive ball of plasma... who needs anything else?

    "The Ham canon" allows you to take an enemies head off with any small-goods lying around the wasteland. examples such as soccer ball ham, mortadella, a Devon roll, or a nice solid stick of salami.

    Doesn't work so well with shaved meats as they are really only useful for giving your enemies a gentle slapping.

    Sugar Launcher

    Deceptively shaped like a normal bazooka, this particular weapon is a rarity as it is sold to both the young and old.

    This launcher shoots a missile that contains 5 kg of sweet raw sugar, pressurized within the missile. On impact, rather than exploding, the missile shell collapses and the raw sugar explodes into a dust of sweet sweet dust.

    This is popular among survivors as the sugar can be used to sustain their sweet-tooth.

    To an expert though, this weapon can be used to attract the deadliest atomic insects that are attracted to the sweet taste of raw sugar. Their are tales of men having their fleshed ripped out by the insects after just one shot of the sugar launcher.

    "Sweet" indeed.

    Chainsaw Rocket Launcher.

    Works well against all breeds of dogs and all breeds of zombies!

      As much as i want to win... rocket propelled chainsaws sounds all kinds of awesome and win.

    The Recursion Cannon:

    I shoulder mounted launcher that fires the player as a projectile, fully equipped with a Recursion Cannon that fires the player as a projectile.


    The Fried Chicken Generator

    Why kill someone when you can distract them with tasty fried chicken?

    The best part, is that the ammo clip is a huge KFC bucket!

    I'll bet they don't have a harpoon.
    You could call it the Harpoon
    It would work like any regular Harpoon.

    Name: The Trident
    It would be a Sniper rifle-like gun in appearance, looking like a normal sniper rifle but with a trident-like end that shoots three bullets. Where in many games, you will have one shot for a headshot, this rifle will show three different crosshairs. When the rifle shoots, a flail-like object in which three bullets (shooting from said crosshairs) are interconnected by an elastic cable will shoot from the end. The two bullets on the outside will stick to objects so that if one were to shoot with a side crosshair aimed at a wall of a corner, that bullet would stick and centripetal force would send the bullet around the corner. The cable would then snap, changing the bullet's trajectory by 90 to 180 degrees. If you were to slightly miss someone's head, the elastic cord could wrap around its head, still causing damage. It headshots like a normal sniper rifle, permitting several different types of play: outdoor areas permit traditional sniper roles, while if you are in an indoor area at a corner you can still send shots from a safe distance. This addition of indirect combat to the sniper role will allow players to expand on the concept of long-range combat and lets them send pot shots around corners and over walls in the hope of hitting an enemy.

    "The Adaptor"

    A legendary gun varied in size and whatever the gun touches it will shoot it. Its a new like alien technology. endless possabilities, fun to use and you could even shoot bood if you wanted to. This form of gun has multiple uses to fit everyone. It stores information on everything the gun touches so it can change ammo at any time. Like a dictionary pciking out words.

    Class: Unknown
    Damage: Unknown
    Creater: GOD
    Level to use: 1

    "Think you can handle it"

      Dude, this is Borderlands, not Scribblenauts. :D

    Creationists Commandments Cannon

    Extremely heavy Weapon - Fires a volley of rounds, of an assumedly holy variety, in the form of punishments for all the felonious sins of man. From giant crushing golden cows to a plethora of slow killing STD’s, this weapon is truly a force of destruction for all those looking to rain down heavenly justice on the scum of Borderlands.

    Gun Gun, A weapon that fires other weapons that you will inevitably run out of ammo for (Due to every weapon being different, hence likely having different ammo)

    The "Mainstreamer"

    An oversized, Compensation-Class beam weapon with a lightsaber bayonet attached, the mainstreamer strips originality and risk-taking behaviour from its targets in a storm of flayed ideas and charred sales projections. Especially effective against any entities that are not generic storm troopers crouched in the rubble of your civilizations' past.

    It leaves its victims as grim, taciturn protagonists with painful pasts in third-person cover shooters plagued with texture pop and an inexplicably sudden threat to existance that only unnecessarily bulky body armour can defeat.

      i like this one

      Watch me not even bother to enter now. Just watch.

    The Limb launcher

    The only weapon to embrace climate change by using a renewable ammunition source, the Limb Launcher is best described as a marriage between a woodchipper and a flak cannon. Because in the badlands, nothing says 'bad' than shaming your enemies by tearing them apart using the broken bones of their comrades!

      That is fantastic. I can picture it now.

    The LIVE-Fanboy Launcher

    it launches a fat, greasy fifteen-year-old kid at the target that lands on their face and proceeds to teabag them while calling them a "homo fag" and insults the target's art direction which looks "totally gayer" than MW2.

    The gun does not deal a huge amount of damage. Rather, it confuses the target as the kid's voice echoes over and over through his own speakers and headset, allowing you then to finish off the disorientated, paralyse target with a more traditional (one may even say more sophisticated) firearm.

    The "F.O.S." (Fist Of Salvation)

    Primary fire: jesus
    Secondary fire: incendiary jesus

    excellent when fighting off things that are not jesus...

      that is so epic win... so simple, yet effective... i especially love the secondary "incendiary jesus" rounds...

      Fists of Salvation has my vote - ROFLMAO!

      I too was thinking of the Chickenator but see it has already been mentioned twice... :(

    I would create a ridonculously overpowered hand gun that looks like pure death incarnate.

    Its accuracy, damage, rate of fire and clip size are so vastly superior to anything else, The Player weeps tears of pure joy when stumbling across this unique item just before the final boss.

    They load it up, shriek with nervous excitement and face off against the Big Bad.

    They line up the boss right between the sights, say "Hasta la Vista, baby" or some such kick-assery. They squeeze on the trigger and gun fires... blanks.

    The Texan Hoe-Down
    A handy double barrel shotgun that emits the alluring tone of the Hoe-down so that all the RedNeck enemies will drop their weapons and rage and start dancing, while I sneak behind them and snap their necks with my bare hands like a real man should.

    The Ninja Gun
    It fires miniature ninjas that attack the target upon impact

    The Glue Gun.

    For making beaded anklets and pasta necklaces for you and your friends. Just because it's the apocalypse doesn't mean we can't all get along, right?

    A little item I like to call the Freddie Prinze Jr. gun. Causes the target to stare at you intently mouth agape followed by much unconvincing begging for mercy. This all ensures that the target is much easier and more rewarding a kill in spite of the relative ease.

    Behind the scenes to this entry: So what if a copy of the Wing Commander movie was sitting near my desk?

    I'd create the bubble bobble gun. I trap all my damm enemies into giant bubbles and then bounce on their heads to finish them off. :0)

    Chicken boom,

    turns you enemy into a chicken, then he must live he's days out in the waste land as one until 3 years have passed then.... BOOM!

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