WIN! King Of Fighters XII PS3/360 Collectors Editions

You have just three more days to prove to us that you truly are the "King of Fighters" and win yourself one of eight figurine-tastic collectors editions of SNK's King Of Fighters XII.

Thanks to our good friends at All Interactive Entertainment, we have four of the Xbox 360 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII and four of the PlayStation 3 collectors edition of King Of Fighters XII. All eight prizes come with the game, of course, but also two 15cm-high figures of KOF fighters Kyo and Terry.

How do you enter? Well, you could look at some of the entries we've already received... or read on for the full details.

After the success of our Monster Hunter screenshot comp, we want you to once again mock up a screenshot starring yourself. We want you to demonstrate that you are the "King of Fighters".

Take a photo of yourself in heroic action pose, defeating a hapless opponent. Dress it up to look like a screenshot, you know, with health bars, character names and so on. Photoshop is OK. Shopping yourself into a screenshot is OK. The only requirement is that *you* are in the pic.

Send your pics to the usual address. Don't forget to state which console you prefer. As always, the eight most creative, imaginative and downright funny entries will win. This isn't so much a contest of your artistic skills, but of your ideas.

You've got until midnight on Sunday, October 18, to get your entry in.

Good luck!

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