The Week In Games

This will be the final Week In Games post for the year. I realise there are still two Mondays to go in 2009, but it's kinda pointless when there are no games coming out.

To be honest, I was a little shocked to discover there were still games coming out this week. But there are!

Two of them!

Choosing which to spend your money will be an easy decision for many of you: none. But if you like dirt bikes, then the new MX vs ATV is a worthy option. And if you like fighting games on your handheld - ugh! - then Tekken 6 on PSP might be something to consider. Or not.

So, instead of asking you what you'll be buying this week, let me ask you what post you'd like to see at 9am next Monday instead of this one?

New releases for the w/c December 14:

MX vs ATV Reflex (360, PS3, PSP) What Is It? Two wheel bikes and quad wheel buggies race against each other over very bumpy dirt tracks. Should You Care? The MX vs ATV series has always been surprisingly solid, despite its limited appeal. This should be no exception.

Tekken 6 (PSP) What Is It? It's Tekken. But six of it. And on the PSP. Should You Care? And late.


    What happened to Qix++? Didn't see it pop up on XBLA...

      Qix++ isn't available in Australia (or in India, Korea or New Zealand for that matter).

    When is that dinosaur hunting game coming out?

    How about next week David, you post about what YOU thought the best Week In Games week was for you!? The week which had you most excited?

    Suck it down and learn to appreciate the fighter! It's amazing.

      Tekken 6 on PSP is amazing? Are you really sure?

        It's more of the same, just with new/changed characters. Looks like I'm still stuck with Dissidia for the time being.

        At least it looks better than the PS3 version

          lol i fail to see how that is possible

    I think the answer is obvious; You should post a few of the games you WISH were coming out next week, so you could play them over Christmas.

    Either "the Boxing Day sales in games: preview" (perhaps including console bundles that are available, or which will become available early in the New Year, if you can get that info?) or an article on all the games which were meant to be out already but which slipped to first quarter next year?

    Do a 'Ask Me Stuff' Post

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