WIN! Bajo & Junglist's Good Game Book

COV_GoodGameGuide.inddStuck for a Christmas present for your significant gaming other? Or maybe just yourself? Why not try winning one of the twenty copies of Good Game's Gamers Guide to Good Gaming we have here to give away?

Yep, that's right, the Good Game guys have released their own book. Written by Bajo, Junglist and others (I believe it even has my name in there somewhere), it promises to deliver all you need to know to be a gamer in Australia.

There are chapters on: the major game developers who have shaped our medium; the games you should play before you die; videogame history; videogame future!; and tips on improving your gaming experience.

Thanks to HarperCollins and the ABC, we have twenty copies to give away throughout today, tomorrow and Friday. All you need to do to be in the running to win is tell us, in the comments below, who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good Game hosts (past, present and furry yellow monkeys), and why. As usual for a Kotaku competition, the most inspired, creative and witty entries will win.

Only one entry per person. Just leave your entry here at any point between now and 11:59pm Friday. We'll pick the twenty best and send you a book.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners to be announced.

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    Leet gaming skills don't often translate too well to real world applications - in this circumstance, I'm guessing the fight would involve lots of frantic arm flailing and slapping ending only when someone unluckily falls over, knocking themselves out, leaving the the other contender winner by default. The general lack of fighting skills of all persons gives each contender just as much of a chance as the other. Watch your step....

    Hex: Have you seen the way she looks at the camera when Bajo is talking. With that little smirk of her's that I'm 90% sure means "I can kill you with my brain".

    Bajo would win and here is why.

    Bajo is actually a robot!, designed by the medical industry, his original purpose was to go to medical conferences convincing doctors to buy medications for tourette's syndrome and Parkinson’s. Sadly he wasn’t built as a reviewing robot (come to think of it that explains some things). At a young age he had a barrel dropped on his head, this made Bajo love gaming.

    Come to think, I’ve never seen Bajo and a fully functional high tech terminator like robot in the same room, coincidence?, i think not. Even though my reasoning behind why Bajo would win clearly makes no sense and would probably have been more logical had it been written by someone with severe head trauma , its the truth.

    Bajo would win because he’s a robot

    Fo’ realz

    Round 1 Hex Vs. Bajo

    Hex: "hey baj, want some coffee?"
    Bajo: "oh hai, yeah moccha + five sugars thanks"
    Hex: "kk"
    Bajo: "wanna play some COD:MW2?"
    Hex: "Yeah sure, and here's your sugar with some coffee"
    Bajo: *+1 coffee*

    ***5 mins later***
    Bajo: "Bollocks! Bollocks i say!"
    Hex: "I get the AC-130 and you don't!"
    Bajo: *-1 coffee*
    Hex: *+5 2nd Burns*
    Hex: "Hey what was that for!"
    Bajo: "hacker! 0_o"
    Hex: "Noob"
    Bajo: *looks into bag for shotgun*
    Bajo: "wheres my shotgun?"
    Hex: *leveled up, Hex is now a lvl. 34 Shotgun ninja*
    Hex: "You mean this?"
    Bajo: "Hey!"
    Hex: *shoots bajo's DS which had nintendogs in it it and was conveniently on the desk *
    Bajo: "noooooooooooooo my dogs!" *cry*
    Hex: *laughs evilly* *chases bajo around office with shotgun*
    Bajo: "whaaaaah!"
    Bajo: *runs off into office*
    hex: "come out, come out or i'll shoot your wii with all your mii's"
    Bajo: *hides under desk, changing into batman costume*
    Bajo: *crawls into vent*
    Hex: "where oh where are you? i've got a spare pair off space pants for you..."
    Bajo: *drops out of vent right behind Hex*
    Hex: *!!!*
    Bajo (while holding hex in a sleeper hold): I'm BATMAN!!!
    Hex: "bajo, i'm close enough to know right now; you don't have nearly enough muscles to be batman"
    Bajo: *-10 masculinity, -5 Batman fantasy power*
    Hex: *Drops a flashbang and escapes*
    Bajo: *pulls out twin Deagles*
    Hex: *takes an AK-47 from the Good Game Armory*
    Lux: "hey whats going on?"
    Bajo & Hex: *shoot-y shooting shootage*
    Lux: "eugh..." *dead* X_X
    Bajo: "Hey heeex, look at this, Robbie Williams is playing a text adventure!"
    Hex: "oooh, wait i'm not that silly! Ha!"
    Bajo (to himself): "yes. you. are."
    Bajo: *snipes Hex with AWM\AWP*

    Bajo Wins round one!

    Round two: Junglist Vs. Rei

    Jung: "Hey Rei what story have you got for next weeks show?"
    Rei: "i'm doing an expose on how bad LOZ: OOT was and why the game industry insists on covering it up"
    Jung: *Rips Rei's head off and eats it*
    Announcer: "FATALITY!"

    Junglist wins round 2!

    Grand Final: Junglist Vs. Bajo

    Bajo: "hey Jung, how's it go- why is Rei's headless body on the floor? the blood's gunna stain the carpet!"
    Jung: "she badmouthed Zelda!"
    Bajo: "oh ok, well i'll call the cleaners"
    Jung: "k thnx, did you and Hex finish the review for the next weeks show?"
    Bajo: "ummm.... no, we had an incident with some hot coffee..."
    jung: "?"
    Bajo: "nevermind..."
    Jung: "well anyway just get the review done"
    Bajo: "KK, Eugh whats that smell!"
    Jung: "oh i've been playing that new MMO"
    Bajo: *choke*
    Jung: "i might've forgot to shower or something..."
    Bajo: *chokes*
    Jung: *its not that bad is it?*
    Bajo: X_X

    ***Junglist wins!***

    Chuck "Junglist" Norris would win. Ask anyone.

    And the battle begins. FIGHT!
    Junglist is the first to move, he sprints to Bajo - and what is this?! It looks like he's trying to jump on Bajo's head! What a disaster is he not aware that ABC physics differs substantially from that in the Mushroom Kingdom? Nevertheless, he perseveres, jumping like a mad man in the same spot!
    Bago makes a move...he pulls off a shoryuken while Junglist is in mid-air! What a well executed counter.
    Wait wut; is he still shoryuken-ing!?
    A Challenger Appears!
    Out of no-where, Rei commando-rolls in with a M82A2! That's ridiculous; the gun is almost larger than her...
    She lies on the ground and takes aim at Bajo from a distance. 1, 2, Pull. Bajo is massively damaged - (un?)fortunately his limbs remain intact*
    She takes aim again - but wait!

    yet *Another* Challenger Appears!
    Hex comes in from the side and equips the 'sword of 1000 souls'. She starts hacking away at Rei, but Rei retaliates by giving Hex the ol' Hadoken to the face.

    Everyone is on their last ounce of health - but all are still alive.

    Out of nowhere from the distance, P_Nutz teleportes to the rest of the Good Game crew!! He comes in and......

    "Isshun Sengeki"

    ....Pulls off the Shin Shun Goku Satsu (apparently meaning 'True Instant Hell Murder').

    Junglist, Bajo, Rei, Hex: NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooOOO!

    A winner is P_Nutz!!1

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