Bargain Hunter: Darksiders And Bayonetta Going Cheap?

Bargain Hunter: Darksiders And Bayonetta Going Cheap?

The new Big W catalogue has deals on the two biggest games of the year – so far anyway! Let’s find out how cheap Bayonetta and Darksiders are going for.

Darksiders is $84, a good $25 off the RRP. Bayonetta is even cheaper at $78. Both deals run until January 20.


    • Good luck Trent. I know you’ve been trying pretty hard to win it 😛

      Speaking of both games – According to our good friends at Ecogamer, Bayonetta & Darksiders are both definitely available at JB on their “trade 3 get it for free” offer. Just have to ask if it isn’t signed. Seeing as I’m home playing daddy daycare today, someone might be taking the kids for a drive shortly to give Mum some breathing room (Read: Migraines are teh bad).

  • For that price, you can’t go wrong! Might have to pick up Darksiders sooner than I’d planned, just so I’ve got a reduced-price copy sitting there to play. [=

  • I heard the PS3 version of Bayonetta has horrid loading times and washed out visuals, has anyone actually played the PS3 version?.

    • I bought the JP PS3 version last year completed the game and don’t want to touch it again until they release a fixed version as append disc or whatever.

      Horrid loading times – Yes. The PS3 version has many issues but when you actually are playing, it’s still lots of fun but then the fun is ripped away from you between chapters/retries etc by the loading time. It was so aggravating for me when I tried to do the Rodin fight without cheap tactics.

      Washed out visuals – Yes, along with other things like continuous screen tearing along the top edge of the screen during the ‘cloud scene’ leading into end of each chapter’s result screen. I’ve played the 360 version for a little bit and I felt the wicked weave attacks on PS3 has a slight lag before they come out. What struck me the most was the game grind down into slow motion play during certain areas of the game even when there is no combat going on. Eg. the floating panels area during tower of truth chapter.

      These are the issues I noticed/remembered from when I played it.

      • Well that sucks, I wasn’t actually going to get Bayonetta now because it’s just not really a must buy on my radar. But what I did think was that this would go down in price pretty quick, but even if it does go down I’ll probably skip the game now that I heard it’s so bad on the PS3. What I don’t get is how this game can be so crappy on the PS3, DMC was a Sony exclusive (the early ones anyway) and they worked just fine. Say what you like about this game its essentially Devil May Cry with a T&A wallpaper, so how the hell did it turn out to be such a bad port?. The whole game has been designed for Japanese tastes, so why develop it better for a console that has no sales in japan?.

    • I played it on PS3 for a little bit this morning and the worst thing I encountered was one long load time near the start. Other loads may have taken a long time, but I didn’t really notice, because you get to practice your combos while it’s loading.

  • Probably would’ve ran out to get Bayonetta right now if I hadn’t put in an order for an import copy the other day.

  • nice, although gametraders in perth had them from day one buy one get one 1/2 price so i got mine for like $148 all up 😛

  • Big W does this sort of thing fairly often. Their catalogues start on thursdays, so if you hold off on buying a new game till then you can usually pick it up for $75-$85. Even their regular prices are usually cheaper than most.

  • I’m glad you said so far because we’ve still got God Of War 3, Bioshock 2, Alan Wake, Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2, L.A. Noire, Mass Effect 2, I could continue but I think you get the idea. There’s a ton of AAA titles coming out this year.

    That’s not to say that Darksiders and Bayonetta aren’t great games though.

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