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    Something a bit different here. Any coffee drinkers within the readers here? I am looking at buying a home espresso machine. At the moment I am looking at a Rancilio Silvia. Thoughts, opinions?

    Have you tried your hand at some of the 3D monitors out there? I was searching on and have found some reasonable prices. Any thoughts?

    So BlazBlue is coming out on the 10th of March. Does anyone know if we get a Collector's Edition like in the US? A bit of searching reveals that the X360 version comes with 2 controller faceplates and the PS3 version comes with an arcade stick, but I can't tell if this is just a standard package or a bonus.

    As I'm getting the 360 version I do feel kinda ripped off that the people with PS3s get a lovely new controller to mess around with while I just get some faceplates I probably won't even use.

      As if not get it imported months ago when it came out in America?
      Been polishing my Arakune skillzzzzz after getting the Collector's Edition which included soundtrack and instructional DVD (I still suck though).
      Anyone who has this game and wants a match against a fellow Aussie, add me (PS3 only).
      PSN: NAAS-
      (include the dash after)

      Hey Takora, I have also been looking fwd to this game for toooo long. If you want it a few days early you can try this site. If your wanting to learn the special moves and combos you can look up on youtube.

      It looks like the only 'collectors edition' we'll be getting is the one you've mentioned, with the 2 controller faceplates for 360 and the (probably really poor) arcade stick for PS3. EB Games is listing it at $110, GAME will have it for $100, and JB doesn't have it listed on their website at the moment, but will probably be $10-20 cheaper.

      If you want it even cheaper though, CD Wow ( is listing both the 360 and PS3 versions at $73.95 with free shipping. The site doesn't mention if their version will come with the faceplates/arcade stick, and the game image they've got displayed only shows the game case, but it's certainly a much cheaper option if you couldn't care less about the utterly average 'limited edition' extras.

    finished assasins creed 2 over the weekend. my final assesment: i liked it better than the last game but the plot is starting to bug me.

    the first game is very mundane in nature until the final reveal in the climax. we start with two warring secret societies, and thats fairly mundane or "real life". its only in the final battle we are introduced to the apple of eden.

    this is very indiana jones, regular tresure hunter till the last 10 minutes when the artifact everyone is chasing turns out to be actually magical.

    the second game is like indiana jones 4. the skull is mystical right off the bat, and thats ok, its normal for the artifact in an indy movie to be magical(although the reaveal is normally late in the film).

    then it turns out the skull leads to a temple but its not a temple is a spaceship and the skull isnt an artifact is part of an alien's actual remains, and then the aliens and their ship come to life and aliens have been here since the early civilisations and then someone survives a nuke in a fridge.

    and this is what AC2 is like i love doing assasinations and progressing in my secret war against the templars. but i hated all plot points surrounding the muguffin and the increasingly messed up plot surrounding them.

    if you took the game as-is and removed the peices of eden it would still make sense, as a templar plot to take over all of italy and rome. the same as the first used the crusades to cover a plot to control the arab nations under templar rule and depose the king of england.

      I actually quite liked the storyline of AC2. I preferred the major plot points being told through gameplay in the Animus, rather than within the boring area that Desmond was stuck in in AC1. I thought the puzzles that tied the hunt for the pieces of eden to actual world events was quite clever, and I preferred the fact the pieces of eden weren't just a mcguffin that has all this power just because it does. Plus, I found Ezio much more like-able than Altair, but liked how they tied Altair's mythos into the ongoing story.

    Just curious - are there any BBCode/HTML style shortcuts that we can use in these posts?

    Coulda sworn I've seen people using italics/bold in the past, yet I've never been able to do it myself...

      pretty sure it's just David and his magical administration powers...

      though it would be good if we could Bold, etc...

    Anyone had any experience dealing with Exeltek ( either online or through their Mount Waverley store? I'm still on the hunt for a new telly and they've got it a couple of hundred less than the big retailers. Just seeing if there's anything good or bad to do with them. I'd go to their store myself, but alas I'm currently car-less. :(

    Anyone else participating in Bungie's Haiti Quake Fundraiser? Details can be found over at to find out how to dress up your Spartan and how to participate.

    For those of us on the East coast of Aus, the time to be on will be Wednesday 20th 6:01PM - Friday 22nd 5:59PM

    Add SpearrO if you'll be on too.

    Just came across this via twitter:

    South Australia is slowly becoming the censorship state. Anyone in SA seen any of this new packaging yet?

      It's a black non-descriptive box with a big fat R18+ logo on it and the name of the movie. I am not in SA but i have seen it

      thats it

      also the shit being thrown at the government right now over this in South Australia is amazing, just check out

      The law is based on the fact a MP's daughter picked up a R rated DVD in a store.

      In some ways i do find this unacceptable but to go to this level is ridiculous. You don't even get the proper cover when you buy the DVD!

      A far better way would have been to ban and fine shops for displayign R rated dvds in the same area as G, PG etc. that law i could agree with somewhat, but this is stupid.

      As someone said when someone picks up an R rated DVD and puts it in an area a kid can see it and the shop gets fined 5 grand, what happens then?

      The shop stops selling R rated movies. People will just import from the other states online to get what they want and thus the economy of South Australia will suffer.

      Another poorly thought out, rushed law in the most censorship happy State in the entire world.
      There is demands South Australia wide to repeal this asap as there was zero public and industry consultation and some lawyers have said that it may possibly be against the Aus constitution.

      by all means, have a seperate R only section, but to do this is wrong.

      South Australia strikes again

      THE satirical song about sex allegations levelled at Premier Mike Rann has been removed from the Triple J website.

      The song, A Lonely Man (Allegedly) by little-known Hit By Cars, brands the Premier "the same as any other man'' and claims he "works in denial''.

      I would put MONEY on South Australia passing a law to ban R rated video games in South Australia (if we ever get them) as the states are allowed to do that. They have already banned films that were available in cinemas in the rest of Australia in states that believe in freedom.


      Went looking for "The Hangover" and found it behind a screen of dirty old men

        It's amazing to think that the same movie is actually played in my local JB HiFi in a window display.

        No sound etc... but still, it hard to imagine that in the same country, it's on public display running for all to see, yet in another state purchasing it can make it seem like you are buying porn and leaving the store with a brown paper bag.

          They probably shouldn't be. I seem to recall Heather Graham's boobs being visible at some point, as well as a naked male Asian found in the boot of a car and one of the main cast ends up naked in a bathroom with a tiger. They're certainly asking for a lawsuit there.

          Well, in all fairness there's some things you can buy in Canberra that you can't legally buy in other states.

            Very true, but that's not the point I'm getting at.

            As The Hangover is an MA15 title, legally a retailer cannot display the film running in their store (going off ACT law here, although I'm pretty sure it's the same throughout most of Australia). G, PG and even M are fair-game for retailers (not necessarily something I morally agree with, but that's just me), but MA films have a legal restriction on broadcasting in public places like shopfronts. That's what I meant by stating that they were asking for a lawsuit.

            I mentioned some of the content of the film to give an example as to why it shouldn't be shown in-store regardless. While kids need to learn about the birds and the bees at some point, I don't think seeing a naked asian guy beat the shit out of his accidental captors after being released from the boot of a car while their mum has taken them to their local retailer to buy them a Spongbob Squarepants DVD is the ideal place for it. ^^

        Its called a buzz reel or loop disc. It shows highlights of a mature- rated movie that do not contain the offensive scenes/images and as such can be shown to general population, much like a TV ad for an R rated film can be shown at a time before the watershed.

    Looks like Dragon Age: Awakening is going to be $40

      No PS3 price up

    Actually, EB games, GAME and JB hi fi only have the PC and Xbox editions up for sale, do they know something we don’t?

    So I finally got the chance to play more Darksiders last night and I'm suddenly wondering "Panzer Dragoon in my Darksiders? It's more likely than I thought!".

    This game keeps getting better at every turn. Throwing a rather fun on-rails shooting section in just exceeded what I was expecting. Love it!

    What's your fav band to see live? For me, its Philly Jays. Holy shit they can rock a bitch... or joint... or venue?

    But a close second was Nightwish, oh man, incredibly epic.

    Alos while we're on live music, what's better. Small venue or festival/arena-esque show?

      Depends where you are...

      Saw U2 at Stadium Australia (80000 peeps) and was on the ground... it still sounded great, but couldn't see shit.

      Green Day @ the SCG (35000 peeps), was in the D-Barrier and with lots of room to move, fantastic experience. Same with RHCP @ Acer Arena (14000 peeps), inside the barrier, room to move, fantastic...

      Small shows have that intimate experience, but I've had good and bad from that... The Dandy Warhols were fucking boring as hell in a crowd of about 300ish...

      My best though?
      The Fiery Furnaces @ Gaelic Club - hard to explain them, and most will probably not like them, but they blew my mind, it threw the concept of a concert out the window. Instead of song, break, song, etc... They split up all their songs and mixed and matched it into a hour long song.

      The amount of planning to lock down what they were going to do, and all the rehersing for the live show and make it so seemless! Brilliant!

      Nightwish are the bomb.
      I haven't had the chance to see them live, insanely jealous of you right now.
      Best bands I've seen live - Linkin Park, Iron Maiden and Pearl Jam.
      Green Day and Rise Against get honorable mentions coz they put on quite a show too.
      And there are many more.
      I prefer smaller venues, I mean, you get closer to the band, what's not to like?
      Oh yeah Disturbed were in a smallish venue last time they came out and I was like...can't believe how close I am to these guys.
      Yes, I can be a bit of a metal/rock nerdy little high-pitched squeal emitting guy some times (not really with the squeal :p )

      I saw The Hellacopters in Brisbane a few years back, they were amazing and really just stood there; no lightshow or jumping around. Just good rock music.

      I saw Kiss the following night, something to see...

    I just finished Killzone 2. Its your standard Futuristic-War-FPS totally forgettable but i had fun playing.

    Now i've going through Uncharted, I was hoping someone could clear something up for me. Is this game Super-repetitive all the way through or is it just the first four chapters?
    All I seem to be doing is a platform-puzzle section (which i have quite enjoyed), then shooting the same 4 pirates over and over and over again. And with a strong emphasis on ammo conservation, I'm just finding it frustrating and annoying. Please tell me there more to it.

      Welcome to the true game of the year :\

      Depends on your definition of repetitive,
      On one hand Assassins creed was destroyed in a rage quit.


      Uncharted (Original) with its excellent story line and believable characters made the repetition worthwhile.

      Uncharted is worth sticking with and then worth going out and buying the sequel to do it all over again!

        So are you enduring the gameplay to admire the story and graphics? Why don't you just save the endurance and watch a movie?

          No not at all, I enjoyed the run and gun & puzzle elements of the original, but I do admit it is repetitive by nature, something the sequel seemed to handle much better.

          Assassins creed however, i could not endure the gameplay at all.

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