WIN! Two Copies Of Mass Effect 2 On PC

Commander Shepard's space opera continues on January 28 when Mass Effect 2 launches on Xbox 360 and PC. You'll have ten chances to win a copy over the next week. Here's how.

UPDATE: Thursday's draw is now closed.

We've got ten copies of Mass Effect 2 to give away. Specifically:

* 2 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360) * 5 x Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) * 1 x Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (PC) * 2 x Mass Effect 2 (PC)

Between now and Tuesday I'll be offering up one or more of these to win each day. Today we have two copies of the PC version. It may not be the Collectors Edition we had yesterday, but you've got twice the chance of winning today.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard recruits a squad of the galaxy's most elite soldiers and assassins to undertake the most dangerous mission of all. To win a copy of Mass Effect 2, we want to know which six people (real, fictional or possibly not even people - we'll be flexible here) you would recruit to join you on the most dangerous mission of all. Tell us which six people you'd pick and why they're right for the job.

Leave your entry in the comments below. Multiple entries will be discarded and only your first entry will count. You have until midnight tonight to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 10am when we open a new draw to win the PC version.

Good luck!

And the winner of yesterday's Xbox 360 Collectors Edition is... Aidan Dullard! Aidan not only picked a perfectly balanced team, but he backed up his choices with impeccable logic.

1. David Attenborough - the dulcet tones of everyone's favourite nature documentary narrator would be a welcome distraction from mercenaries, aliens, ancient unstoppable machines and other galactic baddies. Plus, he'd be handy on uncharted worlds, excitedly describing the territorial instincts of wild Geth or the feeding habits of thresher maws (best not to wonder).

2. HAL 9000 - a homicidal, omniscient talking computer would be a nice change from the Reap- oh wait. With HAL on my side; we'd win not through firepower, but by our tremendously scary voice acting and complete lack of sanity.

3. Cthulhu - It's huge, it's immortal and it has tentacles: what more could you want? An unpronounceable symbol of all that is evil and wriggly; nothing can stand against this indestructible, intergalactic space monstrosity. Not to be confused with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

4. Pathogenic Bacteria - H.G. Wells' 'The War of the Worlds' was perhaps the first example of galactic conflict in literature; Mass Effect 2 continues this tradition with a fine assortment of aliens, technology and general apocalypse. Wells' Martians, however, were brought down by the tiniest living things on Earth: virulent bacteria, in an oddly delicious ironic twist. Bowing to tradition, I'd welcome these heroic saviours of humanity into my team.

5. Princess Leia - Wielding blasters and her famous 'Cinnamon Bun' hairstyle with equal intensity; Leia's mix of curt royal snobbery and a precise blaster aim saved the galaxy on more than one occasion. No 'damsel in distress', Leia's quick aim and even quicker temper would be an asset to any team. Plus, anyone who can come back with 'stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder' as an insult is worth bringing along.

6. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - Think Lassie, or Flipper, but with a pouch. An impossible mission requires an impossible hero: calm under pressure, easy to talk to and tasty if you're in a tight spot. A fearless defender of justice and enforcer of peace; Skippy is credited with saving the lives of 40 Australians – and a wombat and a Siamese cat. On a mission to save the galaxy from the forces of darkness, a kangaroo that communicates via clicking and hand signals might not just be the weirdest thing you'll see. Plus, he'll get along great with David Attenborough. Skippy: The Intergalactic Kangaroo.

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    I would recruit the following as my team mates:


    Yes its an unlikely team with Venom and Spiderman on the same team but they will have to put up with eachother and all of them will make a powerful team.

    Batman, Superman, Ironman WILL ALL FLY AROUND shooting and throwing objects while Spiderman and Venom will be throwing webs at enemies while swinging around in the sky. The Hulk will be the green machine who beats up everyone and throws all the cars into the river!

      The 6 most hated people on Jersey Shore. Wait, that's all of them!

      I'd just like to watch them die repeatedly.

    Mr. David Wildgoose
    i made my entry in xbox 360 competition can i also try in this competition for PC

      That's not me but yes I believe you can.

    1. Snake Pliskin - For those here who have seen the 'Escape from' series you'd know exactly why I'd choose him. Just need to poison him first to get the job done but before you know it he'll be surfing waves and shooting people from gliders to get the job done. He might just cut all power to the world afterwards. Worthy loss.

    2. King of the Cosmos - Ultimate distraction character, I don't think anyone wouldn't be blinded by ROYAL RAINBOW!!! Failing that he could just roll battleships up and turn them into some kind of star/planet/sumo wrestler.

    3. Zhuge Liang - As a Communications Officer Zhuge Liang would be invaluable, thinking strategies on the go and making sure everyone doesn't walk into a turret via some kind of error. His horse can't come along, he'll just need to live with that.

    4. Matthew Newton - Given his ability to lie his way out of any situation, would certainly be useful if we were caught by guards. Additionally, someone in the team always needs to be expendable.

    5. Fredrick Zoller - As long as there's some kind of space bell tower and I can convince him we're 'Space Germany' having this Mr. Zoller along for sniper support would be invaluable. May need to turn all life into black and white to improve his efficiency.

    6. Getter-1 - If all goes to hell, bring along a mech that has previously killed God. Can't get much more useful than that.

    Valid e-mail = darkyoshii2k (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au



      sorry i just got excited when i saw your name


      1. Chuck Norris ( No explanation required, Due to Awsomeness levels this counts for 2 positions within the team. Which is well worth it)

      2. ....

      3 Jungle Rambo (Im thinking between rambo III and IV, Where he developed his epic bow skills and enhanced survival skills incase we are somehow stuck on a jungle planent.)

      4. The Doc From Back to the Future.... (Assuming He can build a flux capacitor into my Ship, so I can Assemble my Team and have a method of insta respawns incase any of my team.)

      5. Doctor Who (to create some kind of paradox correcting machine for my ship to allow for my insta respawn method.... since he cant use a weapon, he can just keep the ship working.)

      6. Classic Steven Segal (Before He started his Jazz band and had to use CGI to move through darkened rooms... Incase we need to sacrifice a team member, I can live without his weekly DVD releases.)

    My Ultimate Shepard Squad:

    1. Tamed Sovereign: This guy managed to destroy a bunch of Alliance ships only using lasers from its tentacles, so naturally, he's gonna be my heavy fire support guy. And since this thing is a true AI, it could be a companion to the Normandy SR-2 on those long, lonely space flights

    2. The Stig (from Top Gear): This guy can probably drive the Mako much better than I can, especially in those sheer cliff hilly parts of the first game (Yea the Mako isn't making a comeback but still, a good driver is always useful)

    3. Emma Watson: With that look, her charm talent would be maxed out from the beginning of the game. She'd be able to calm down a million angry Wrexs without doing his family armour quest first. And if the need arises, she could probably be Hermione Granger and expelliarmus enemies' weapons and omni tools and bio-amps, disabling tech, weapons and biotics.

    4. Mewtwo: The Ultimate, Kickass, Unbeatable Adept. Need I Say More?

    5. John Rambo (Before he got old :P): In those encounters to jungle type planets, this guy would be very useful. Even in city type situations, this guy would still be very useful, as he seems immortal, probably using continuous immunity with Fitness talent on max. He'll soak up all the damage.

    6. Sheldon Cooper (From Big Bang Theory): Scientist on board, possibly accompanied by engineer Professor Frink (From Simpsons) to help me research new armour, weapons and upgrade my Normandy SR-2. Furthermore, Sheldon's lack of understanding of everyday interactions will provide more humour than Liara's lack of understanding of humans.

    Gumby - flexible able to form himself into many different shapes. perfect for espionage and stealth.

    Macgyver - inventive applications of everyday items to solve complex problems. "fixer"

    Samus Aran - experienced bounty hunter with a myriad of weapons and abilities. flexible fighter also hot chick

    Gordan Freeman - scientist becomes saviour of the world. twice. brains of the outfit while still being able to hold his own if needed.

    a Predator - member of an alien race who tests their own against the universes best fighters. highly technologically advanced and powerful weaponry. killing machine

    Lara croft - acrobatic archaeologist with a great deal of combat experience. who knows what sort of random alien ruins or things we might stumble upon and need help with. also again hot chick which could make for a useful distraction what with all the acrobatics and what not.

    1. Commander Shepard (Adept)
    2. Commander Shepard (Engineer)
    3. Commander Shepard (Vanguard)
    4. Commander Shepard (Sentinel)
    5. Commander Shepard (Infiltrator)
    6. A never ending pack of TimTams (My Mass Effect 1 Shepard is a soldier, I don't need another soldier; but everyone can do with a never ending pack of Tim Tams)

    BTW, all of these characters are obviously Level 60 - well...except the Tim Tams, which unfortunately don't last long enough to advance beyond Level 1 :(

    1. Chuck Norris - Because he's Chuck Norris
    2. Morgan Freeman - That mans voice can make anyone do anything
    3. Keifer Sutherland - who wouldnt want Jack Bauer? he will do anything it takes for the greater good.
    4. Christian Bale - Tank and knows what he wants.
    5. Macgyver - We need a man who can make anything out of anything
    6. Chev Chelios - just take his heart hide it with the enemy tell him they have it
    7. Miranda Kerr - Need some super hot ass in space

    Six Star Trek redshirts. It'd be like having six extra lives! Just like a cat!

    1. Wolverine - he cant die, hes crazy, he has freaking adamantium claws

    2. Jesus - he can heal/bring people back from the dead, moral compass.

    3. Echo (dollhouse)- she can control multiple personalities, so she can be both an elite killer, hacker, interrogater, medic.

    4. Dr Manhatten (watchmen), with added shorts - he has control over sub atomic atoms, can create clones of himself, teleport, can obliterate people with a single touch, etc

    5. Gandalf (lotr) - powerful magician, good swordsman, wise.

    6. Genghis Khan - brilliant strategist, created a huge empire out of his conquests, keen to understand his enemies and their motivations.

    I would take senator Brown from masss.
    My wife, and Daughter, and daughters fiance Drew.
    I would take My cat Poly.
    and last but not least I would take James Bond
    I really need to win Mass effect 2

    1st. Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures) - I need some sick as theme music, and I can't really think of anyone better.

    2nd. The Soldier (TF2) - can't really get any more insane, bloodthirsty or just plain deadly.

    3rd. Mario - He has, so far, proved unstoppable and relentless in his continued mushroom and turtle bloodhunt and if he can put his determination to other pursuits, there is no stopping him.

    4th. The Major (Ghost in the Shell) - Invisibility, female, cybernetic, nothing more is needed to be said.

    5th. Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) - Because I need someone to find traps. That, and he seems to be naturally charismatic and could direct a ship pretty well.

    6th. Tim Buckley (CAD comic creator) - Cannon fodder. He will be forced to run straight into the enemies screaming 'shoot me'. It should work, so long as the rest of the team don't shoot him first.

    My six squad mates that I would choose would be
    1. Dutch from the first predator movie for the fact that he survived against a predator makes him a perfect choice and a bad ass.

    2. A predator: come on having a predator in the squad would be very handy to take out multiple enemies with his gadgets and weapons and not forgetting that it can become invisible.

    3. Solid Snake: just saying Solid Snake speaks for itself this guy is just awesome and his CQC skills will be very handy as well.

    4. Bayonetta: has 2 hand-held guns and 2 guns on her heels - check, has awesome finishing moves - check, is a sexy sexy witch - check and check :) plus the squad has got to have at least 1 hot chick why not her.

    5. Terminator 2's Arnie: yes I know another Arnie character but he is one of my most favourite characters and his strength and abilities would be invaluable plus having two Arnie's is better then one.

    6. Mace Windu: ok why not choose obi wan or luke etc. well because its Samuel L. Jackson baby :) and his jedi force powers would allow getting past difficult areas or be able to force grab or push a guard at any time as well hehe.

    1. David Bowie: He's a science fiction bard with song buffs. "Ashes to Ashes" gives +4 to hit to all party members within range. Also he can turn into an owl.

    2. Jay Leno: For his mad thief skills.

    3. Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read: A good tank that's not weighed down by the encumburance of ears.

    4. Cammy White: Love inerest for the main character (me) and token female. Because it would be weird having a mass of polygons (or pixels) walking around with the main party, this would be Cammy as portrayed by Kylie Minogue from the 1994 cinematic abortion. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

    5. Dr. Cox from TV's Scrubs: Perry would fill in the healer aspect of the party whilst allowing for witty, slanderous banter between the other party members.

    6. Pigsy: The lovable pig demon/pervert from ABC cult classic "Monkey" would serve as both the comedy relief and damage dealer of the party. His muck rake is an unrivalled weapon/garden tool.

    Given Wrex looks like a goldfish, here's my ALL CAT SUPERSTAR LINE-UP.

    1. Liono
    2. Any Lolcat
    3. Keyboard cat
    4. Lasagne Cat (Youtube it)
    5. Battlecat
    6. The Situation (not a cat, but impeccable abs)

    6 People I’d choose for a dangerous mission:
    1. Marty the fly (from the mortein commercials), consequent advertisements have proven that despite being attacked by all powerful mortein spray he simply cannot die. His small size would also make for excellent recon.
    2. Wally, from Where’s Wally fame, with the unique ability to camouflage himself anywhere, despite very noticeable red and white attire. He would be perfect to sneak into enemy territory. By the time the entertained enemy has found him, it will have been too late.
    3. Morgan Freeman, with an uncanny ability to Jedi mind trick everyone with his soothing voice. Despite his aged appearance is also a master of the deadly Tai bo.
    4. Mario, frequently the sole defender of the mushroom kingdom against a multitude of foes. Despite being rather rotundy has deadly agility, favouring despatching of foes by jumping on their head. Also makes use of powerful reagents to become invincible, fly, shoot fire and ice and substantially change his size.
    5. The Rabbit of Caerbannog. (, this mighty rabbit able to decapitate any foe with amazing speed would ensure the path to victory would be covered with blood. It is said that only the holy hand grenade of Antioch can destroy this beast, but the sacred item has been lost to history.
    6. Team Fortress 2’s Demoman. Taking the amazing rage of a one eyed African-Scotsman explosives expert and using it effectively would be no easy task. But recently smarting from losing his best friend, and worse a secret weapon. The Demoman is keen to prove himself.

    1. Homer Simpson - Sure, he may be an utter idiot, but let's face the facts. The man can withstand an absurd amount of pain, has been to hell and back, and is even an effective assassin at times.

    2. Derek Styles - Every team needs a healer or a field medic. Why not one that managed to defeat various mutant strains of viruses that are close to impossible to defeat? And hey, when you're that effective with scapels, lasers and what not, you'd also make an efficient fighter too.

    3. Freddie Mercury - Arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, frontmen in music history. Freddie's able to distract and blow away enemies with his ability to rock, and that mustache is pretty awesome on it's own.

    4. Heihachi Mishima - Every team needs that one dude that can right up close and bring utter devastation to the enemy. Sure, his family may be in utter disarray, but when you're the leader of a huge corporation, have survived massive explosions that were supposed to have claimed your life and could possibly survive in space, and awesome enough to fight for the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, nothing else matters.

    5. Captain Falcon - It has been proven that those tanks in the Mass Effect universe are utterly useless to drive. So you'll want someone who is that damned good at driving that they can take even the most useless of vehicles and make them drive well.

    And his skill doesn't stop at driving. He's reportedly got one of the most vicious punches in the universe, and a pretty damned useful kick as well. Need I say more?

    6. Batman - If all else fails, turn to the goddamned Batman. Can hold his own with just about anybody, is insanely prepped for just about any possible situation and in pretty much every era, has managed to stay badass.

    E-mail address is [email protected]

    1. Bruce Lee: He'll do on it's own, no need for another 5 people...
    2. McGiver: Yo know you need him!!!
    3. Cat (from Red Dwarf): To put a bit of style in the group.
    4. Eddie McGuire: Ooops! How did he get in here???
    5. A Monkey: Everybody needs a monkey

    1. David Wildgoose. Purely because mentioning his name is a surefire charm to win. Right?

    2. Stephen Colbert/Tek Jansen. Because when going into the infinite to make out with alien space babes and fight evil, you need Stephen Colbert at your side. Alongside his own voice (classified as a weapon in six different countries) and his inane stupidity, enemies would be unable to differentiate between reality... and wikiality.

    3. Neil Gaiman. Not really for his combat prowess, but I think his writing would be goddamn incredible if he was writing IN SPACE.

    4. Bayonetta. For the style... and the boobies. Also, she has guns EVERYWHERE.

    5. Jonathan Coulton. Our merry band will require entertainment when we are finally captured and forced to work on Chiron Beta Prime by our robot overlords. Did I mean overlords? I meant, uh, 'protectors'.

    6. Kyle Katarn. Snarky force-wielding bastard that he is. And he has a lightsabre! And he knows space. Listen, a Jedi who was also a mercenary and has walked the path Katarn has is welcome on my team any day of the week.

    Trent Easton with his skills and His golden gun he would easily handle the opposition
    Corporal Adrian Shepherd - because it would be good to see him doing something new
    Dopefish - don't know useful it would be, the enemy might laugh themselves to death
    Shaquille o'Neal - his Shaq-Fu skills wlll be useful in close combat
    T101 - a Nigh Indestructible Killing Machine is always useful
    Jack Bauer - be able to torture enemies for Information

    I'd take my trusty sidekick Wookie, an old man whom suspiciously looks like a Jedi, a young boy, two droids and no questions asked.

    We'd also pick up an imprisoned princess along the way.

    Hey, it's worked before!

    1. The Terminator - for obvious reasons.
    2. John Connor - just in case aforementioned gets out of hand.
    3. GlaDOS - cake.
    4. Stephen Hawking - to help us exploit wormholes.
    5. Stephen Conroy - to threaten Internet filters that don't work anyway.
    6. Fat Princess - to distract the enemy and eat GlaDOS' left over cake. I have allergies.

    1: Yoda - Well just saying light-sabers would probably be enough but the ability to crush a geths neck with a simple finger gesture is rather useful.
    2: Superman - Every team needs a tank and who better than the man of steel. Also the super speed may be useful to for stealth missions providing he doesnt stand still (the red cape thing kinda stands out).
    3: Spock - Well you always need a science officer and nothing is more obvious than the vulcan elite. And who needs mass relays when you have an expert on warp theory!
    4: X5-452 (Max) - A genetically engineered super human is also useful but add to the fact she was played by Jessica Alba and need i say more.
    5: Majel Barrett - never underestimate the importance of having the right voice for your computers AI. Even the worst news can be received calmly if its just said in the right tone.
    6: The monkeys from the start of 2001 space odyssey - When it all hits the fan just throw some monkeys with clubs in to the fray and sit back and have some mohitos with Max and yoda.

    1. Conan the Barbarian - For the Muscles
    2. Steven Hawking - For the Brains
    3. Captain Jean-luc Picard - For any Captaining/Piloting Skills
    4. Ritchie Benaud - For that sly wit and classic comments suited for any situation
    5. Tin Tin (and snowy) - Heroism to save the day.
    6. Batman - Dude, he's freaking Batman!

    Wow, its kinda hard to choose a party, but ill do my best.

    1. An Unlikely Hero - Me:
    While i may not be space cowboy, or a inter galactic general, my dedication will help keep this group together, we shall not fail.

    If our party happens to fail, i have no one else to blame but myself.

    2. The Sexy Assassin - Bayonetta:
    A party always needs a person who you can rely on to get the dirty jobs done, and with this choice i get to assassinate my enemies with style.

    With her legs, they should die smiling.

    3. The Comic Relief - Simon Pegg:
    He has been in many movies from battling zombies to space battles. If i wanted anyone to give me a good laugh in the face of danger, it would be him.

    4. The Bad Ass - Reggie Fils-Aime:
    Who else would you want, with skills like "kicking ass" and "taking names" what boss would be able to stand up to us?

    And with a cash flow as big as his, we would always have money for upgrades.

    5. The Rock - The Rock:
    The Universe is under threat, the people needs a champion, and there is only one peoples champion.

    He has a Game Plan, Walking Tall, no one can stand up to us, not even the Tooth Fairy.

    6. The Spy - Sean Connery:
    In a universe where the lives are shaken, not stirred, the times need a smooth spy, one who laughs in the face of danger.

    No woman will be able to resist his charms, and able to get out of any situation, no matter how dire. He is the perfect choice.

    1st Master Chief (Halo): Fits right in with the motif. Cool under pressure. A great front line troop and a great ally. Besides he can take enough shots to be sent in first.

    2nd Gen Jack O'Niell (Stargate): Great under pressure. Fantastic squad leader. Excellent soldier. Who else would you want to lead a squad to save the galaxy? Beside who else has done it before?

    3rd Pilot (Farscape): Someones gotta fly the ship. Pilot can do it all and on his own. Pilot also provides a great moral compass and its not like you'll get a word out of Master Chief.

    4th T1000 with T-X softeware (Terminator): Lets face it. The T1000 is the coolest robot of all time. The T-X had some fantastic abilities such as hacking technology with her voice. The T-1000 has all the hardware he needs to use such skills, add in the software and it would be unstoppable.

    5th Gandalf the white (Lord of the Rings): Heres a man thats wise and powerful. He makes all the magic users in Mass Effect look like sparkly sideshow tricksters. He would act as the wise go to guy, and the great backup and support using the arts of magic.

    6th Michael Atkinson (South Australian Douche): Michael would provide the team with the much needed negotiating skills. Michael can form an opinion and seek to convince others of that opinion without the need of fact or resources. May also be useful as a decoy.

    N.B. I may have mispelt Governer General.

      *Attorney General

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