Gamers 4 Croydon Vow To “Haunt” Atkinson

Gamers 4 Croydon Vow To “Haunt” Atkinson

Chris Prior, co-founder of Gamers 4 Croydon, has set his party’s sights on defeating Attorney-General Michael Atkinson at the South Australian state election in March.

“We’re in this race to win the seat of Croydon,” Prior told Kotaku earlier today. “That’s always been the aim, and that’s what we’re all working towards.”

Prior is one of two Gamers 4 Croydon candidates contesting the state election. He will be standing for the Legislative Council while Kat Nicholson, pictured, will be running directly against Atkinson in Croydon.

“He has said he expects we’ll not get more than 1% of the vote,” Prior says. “We will, and that will haunt him.”

While Atkinson has also claimed he’s anticipating a “real contest“, election analysts have dismissed the election chances of Gamers 4 Croydon, at least in the lower house.

“In my view, the issue of R18+ for video games won’t have much impact at all,” ABC analyst Antony Green told Gamespot. “When push comes to shove, a significant portion of the electorate will reject lifting censorship on this sort of thing because most people tend to be rather pro-censorship as a gut instinct.”

Nicholson believes the contest will make other politicians around the country take note of the issue of videogame classification.

“When I dent his margin,” she says, “it will undeniably prove that the lack of an R18+ rating is indeed a political issue – and one that can cost an MP votes.”

Prior is more confident of his own chances of being elected to the upper house.

“Even if Kat is not elected, we’re also running a candidate for the upper house,” he says. “While Croydon is winnable, the party thinks it’s likely that I’ll be elected to the Legislative Council, given our broad policy base and focus on accountability in government – a hot topic this election. A “gamers’ rights” candidate in parliament will at the very least force governments across the country to think very carefully about their positions.”

You can read the full interview with Chris Prior and Kat Nicholson posted earlier today here.


  • @“In my view, the issue of R18+ for video games won’t have much impact at all,”

    sure it will. Especally when you tell parents that many of the ma games that they have bought for their kids are actaully r18+ games and they were only put in the ma rating cause we don’t have a R18 rating.

  • I abhor games Atkinson’s policies on games. That being said, i do not think any of the candidates have any significant chance of unseating Atkinson. AFAIK none of them have any management or administrative experience. Mainstream voters are unlikely to vote for what is currently still a fringe cause and risk ineptitude in a larger sphere of matters. The best outcome would be as Kate mentioned: denting Atkinson’s margin would show that gamers are ready to take their rights political.

  • I was on a bus the other day when approached me a rambling loon, who was telling me how there were two antichrists in the corrupt and godforsaken Australian gvt., neither of which were Atkinson. I said, kind sir, I think you should amend your list.

  • People the thing is, even if they don’t win. We have to start somewhere. And G4C are getting noticed. Momentum is building. Christ, a year ago it was just whispers in streets and mentions on forums, now we’ve got a political party… the momentum is building and it’s 100 percent certain to happen ONE day. Not any time soon, not this year or next likely, but one day. I estimate within the next 5 – 10 years personally. A horrible thought that it’d take that long but hey… at least my son will grow up in reasonable times… personally I want to know G4C’s stance on this stupid Internet filter?

    • When I read stuff like this, I wonder just how distant an R18 classification for games is, or even if it’s a possibility at all.

      Think about it. Ever since G4C stepped up, Atkinson has forced a black box censorship on R18 movies, and now this move that’s even supported by the opposition. When you add that with the federal government’s ambition to censor the internet at ISP level, you’ve gotta ask yourself: Is an R18 games classification worth fighting for when more basic freedoms are being taken from under us?

      On the other hand, there’s a small chance that both Labor’s and the Opposition’s stance on free speech being so destructive to the point where an alternative party actually takes office. Is that what it’s gonna take to keep our freedoms intact?

  • you now can’t post online comment about politicians in south australia without giving your full name and postcode, its the law.

    This should stop South Aussies voting labor and if it doesn’t honestly they deserve what they get.

    A lot of people in his electorate have posted on Adelaide now that they are not voting liberal or labor and looking for alternatives

    this just might give G4C some votes

  • If anyone has relatives/friends in South Australia and are interested in this issue, you should talk to them about the upcoming SA election.

    Atkinson is expecting a dirty fight, so let’s get dirty. Send your friends and family emails, sms’s, call them. Explain to them the issue of the games rating classification; give them the G4C URL; Tell them G4C has more policies than just gaming. Even if they don’t live in the seat of Croydon, our friends and family members living in South Australia can still throw their Senate vote to G4C.

    It might not make much of a difference, but let’s see what a movement by the people to promote a new political party can achieve!

  • she’s 21!!!??? that’s just a baby! I sound like my mum! but I’m 26 and I’d feel too young.
    How will it haunt him if he is not kicked out? don’t get me wrong I love G4C and all the work they are putting in.
    With all the things mick is doing at the moment and right before an election, A LOT of people in South australia don’t want to vote liberal or labor, and if G4C make a good impression they may win votes just for that.
    I hope they do win, as for some reason atkinson is dug in deeper than an alabama tick! He owns the labor party over there and has pretty much license from his own party to do anything that pops into that crazy head of his.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t mean to be cynical especially after watching Conan O’Brien tell people not to be cynics and to do what you believe in and be passionate about…. but I’m cynical. I remember being in uni (I’m 28) and seeing all these people try to change the world and just think: really? Do you really think this is going to work?

      With G4C I’m a little more torn. I believe in the message. I believe in the way they are going about doing it (IE not whinging on some internet message board like I am doing now, or engaging in some useless protest in front of some building somewhere, but engaging the political process the way the political process was meant to be engaged.)

      GW Bush remained in power despite over half the country hating pretty much everything he did. Howard remained for over a decade despite huge resentment. Both stayed in power through a combination of smart politics and actual popular support, and both were forced out by new (but accomplished) faces in established political parties, running hugely savvy political campaigns on platforms of change.

      I’m almost done ranting, hold on. So I’m sure Atkinson has held on largely for the same reasons. Some people probably actually want him there and he’s a smart politician. Nothing I’ve seen about this G4C campaign strikes me as anything that can tackle Atkinson on either of these fronts. This campaign doesn’t have anything that will erode his popular support and the candidate doesnt seem particularly charismatic or established. Fine, Master’s degree. But 21?

      If the goal is just to get more than 1% of the vote, then I wish you all the best. If it is to beat this stupid moron out of office, I think you’re dreaming. That said, I would be more than happy to be proven wrong and be labeled a hapless internet cynic, and not just a realist.

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