LunchTimeWaster: Minotaur Chinashop

It’s not the newest game around, but damn it’s worth a look if you’re yet to experience the pleasure of letting a minotaur run a china shop. How much money can you make this lunch hour?

In this game you’re trying to see how much money you can make through five days of trading as a china shop owner. And you’re a minotaur. Get it? Now you can tread carefully (and very awkwardly) and just make money by selling stuff. Eventually you’re going to want to break stuff — you’re a minotaur — and that’s when you need to go ballistic.

A few breakages, you lose money. A lot of breakages, and the insurance kicks in so you MAKE money! Eventually security will be called and you’ll be taken down. But it’s OK, they’ll let you run the shop again the following day!

Blurst has a bunch of fun games on their site, run in browser using the Unity Player plug-in. This is like Flash, but made specifically for 3D engine apps — making it a great platform for browser games.

Minotaur China Shop [Blurst]


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