How To Vote Gamers 4 Croydon Card Carries Seal Of Quality

How To Vote Gamers 4 Croydon Card Carries Seal Of Quality

How To Vote Gamers 4 Croydon Card Carries Seal Of QualityAs seen on the Gamers 4 Croydon Twitter feed.


  • I’ll be sad if Nintendo want to go all legal on that clear rip off of the nintendo seal of quality stamp but it wouldn’t surprise me considering their recent ways.

  • Our rundown of the flow of preferences in the Legislative Council can be found in this news post:

    There’s some generally suspicious stuff going on with the way preferences are going to certain parties. Not wanting to get sued, I won’t say anything specific, but given the lack of any electoral funding disclosure laws in SA, minor parties/groups such as G4C and, say Independent Fishing and Lifestyle, are not required to tell anyone where they get their money from.

    G4C is being completely open about where our donations come from.

    No-one else is.

    Of note in this regard are those minor parties directing preferences in odd ways, or pushing agendas that seem to be in accordance with an established party’s policy (SaveRAH, ‘Save the Unborn’ for Liberal and Family First respectively). There’s no way for the public to find out if these minor groups are receiving funding or other support from established players (or other lobby/interest groups).

    • “given the lack of any electoral funding disclosure laws in SA”
      Sounds like a policy that writes itself there, way too many doodgy political issues seem to come from money handed out in dark smoky rooms like the ones you see in conspiracy movies

      Is it just my weird brain or does “Independent Fishing and Lifestyle” sound like some sort of magazine? Perhaps a nudist angling publication.

  • Just so everyone is aware, if you vote “1” above the line for this party, you are voting for the Australian Labor Party (I say that because it is extremely unlikely this guy will get into the final run-off count, nor will the other parties, so preferences will flow to liberal or Labor ultimately).

    I.e. the same people currently blocking the R18+ ratting.

    Consider voting below the line and preference Liberal before Labor.

    • The LC is based on proportional representation, with 11 seats. In practice this means a candidate needs 8.3% of the vote to get elected. This is vastly different to the method employed for lower house seats, where you need a majority of the vote.

      Historically, a primary vote of 2-3% can be enough to get elected with preferences, while 5% pretty much guarantees it.

      As a result, it is quite common for minor party or independent candidates to get elected to the Legislative Council. Two of the groups we are preferencing ahead of Labor already have a presence in parliament, so it is virtually impossible that any G4C votes will end up with Labor. Regardless, the outcome of the Legislative Council election will have no influence over who forms government, and thus will not contribute to removing Michael Atkinson. All of that fun stuff happens in the House of Assembly.

      That said, we do encourage people to make up their own minds about where their preferences go, because everyone is going to have their own opinions. Aside from that, choosing your own preferences stops the parties from effectively controlling how you vote, and limits the effectiveness of dodgy back room deals. That can only be good for democracy in general.

    • Bob, that’s ridiculous.

      Without gong into an in-depth explanation of preferential voting, our primary preference will go to the Greens, and if you think it’s going anywhere after that, given their expected vote quota for the upper house, you might want to re-examine the expected poll results.

      All the information on preferential voting is on our website and is freely available for everyone to see. We have nothing to hide.

      Your suggestion that a vote for us is a vote for Labor is completely misguided and disingenuous.

      And if you disagree, we’d encourage you to vote below the line and determine your own preferences.

      • A generic forum name of Bob? A flaming topic such as that?

        Mr Atkinson… are you posting on Kotaku again? Shame on you!

        • Nah it does seem weird that they preference Labour above Liberal, and gives me pause for thought too. I’d like to hear why they made that decision.

          • They’ve preferenced Greens above both Labor and Liberal.. Labor has a slightly more Green slant than Liberal. I would suggest that is why Labor gets the nod ahead of Liberal…
            Ultimately, voting Labor in the LC will not remove MA from his seat in the Lower House. So no harm is done to the R18 platform in preferencing Labor above Liberal in the LC.

  • Below the line is really the only way to go. That way you know exactly where your preferences are going and effectively you can put last the person you want last.

    • It’s too hard for me to bother (as a booth worker I’ve also seen too many invalid votes as a result of a mis-numbering). I check out what the Party’s preferences are and they largely match my own views and my own preferences, at least for the first 15-20 or so which is all that are likely to matter.

  • The greens?
    they’ve only been preferancing, doing dodgy deals with and sucking up to labor forever….
    thats pretty dissapointing….

    • Not to mention their whole tree hugging, whale saving, lentil eating, hemp wearing, john butler trio listening, sandal loving, dreadlock growing, non-confrontational, con-conformist, non-bathing, lonely-planet reading, career uni-student being, picket waving, anti-corporate, anti-industry, populist, socialist, marxist, guitar playing, Al Gore quoting attitude.

      *end joke

  • Agree with the Greens preference being disappointing. The Democrats have been far more consistent on both the R18+ games rating and #nocleanfeed, plus unlike the Greens actually have published policy on it.

    • We assessed the situation and decided that doing a preference swap with the Greens was simply going to be of more benefit to us than with the Democrats.

      That said, we’re deliberately publicising our preferences so people can see for themselves, and make up their own minds. We definitely encourage people who feel comfortable doing so, to vote below the line.

      Another difference between the Greens and the Democrats is that the Dems’ spokesperson, on the day preference negotiations started in earnest, spent 15 minutes raging at David and I about how video games corrupt children, and make people bad drivers. When addressed with evidence to counter his prejudice, his response could summed up as “Pfft, so you’ve got ‘evidence’, I’m still right”. That attitude sounds a bit familiar…

      Later that day, I witnessed him ragging on people who ride motorbikes to the leader of a party founded by bike-riders.

      This person is basically a massive real life troll. And trolling’s all well and good for some laughs. But in a professional environment it’s, well, unprofessional. Worse, it’s stupid, and it makes people want nothing to do with you.

      • It sounds to me like you’ve infected the political system with:
        a.)Common sense.

        If it spreads, that’d be wonderful. Lets hope G4C becomes a force in politics to be reckoned with Chris. It’d be great to make Atkinson start wiping that egg off his face come election day when you secure more than 1%.

    • If you do win the election, and replace Atkinson, how long do you estimate before you could get the ball rolling for an R+18 rating? I have no idea how it works, but if you could give me a short rundown of what has to happen to see that shiny black box on our video games that’d be great.

      • There is pretty much zero chance of G4C “replacing” Atkinson. If they beat Atkinson at the election, then some other member of the winning party will become Attorney General.

        Hopefully the election results will prove that opposing an R18+ rating is politically unpopular though.

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