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    When did you start at kotaku Jung?

    The Game Room is going to be released on XBox Live tomorrow. Did anyone know that the Game Room itself has achievements?

      Is that a stateside release date or one for Australia? Seems it's a free download so it won't hurt getting it.

        As far as I know it's a worldwide release date of the 24th of march.

        I'm looking forward to it, although I don't like the idea of Micro$oft charging us again for games like Centipede that we've already purchased on XBox Live Arcade just because it's supposed to be "arcade perfect". They'll probably have different achievements from their XBLA counterparts as well to make us want to buy it. Grrr.

      I downloaded and started playing this online. The concept is awesome, you can fit out your own arcade with titles that you buy and you can set up challenges against friends for high score, longest life, etc.. with a time limit.

      It's a pity there are so many bugs. In the 2ish hours I played with it, I experience no less than 4 crashes, multiple server disconnects, freezing loading screens, and issues where instead of my high score showing it would show "PLAYER_HIGH_SCORE" or something similar. If they fix these issues, I could be spending a lot of time and money on this.

    Has Kotaku woken up from yesterday's slumber? :P

    Completed FF13 last night. Definitely enjoyed the game, but I do want to throttle whoever thought "hey, let's take the ending and put a Leona Lewis song over it", because dear Square, the demographic for FF13 is actually not teenage girls.

    I really wish they had an NPC somewhere in the postgame (and if they do, someone let me know where) like in FF10 that allows you to replay cutscenes. I would really like to show some of those cutscenes off to people, and naturally I don't have saves before all of them (let alone being able to remember what save is before what).

    Overall opinion is pretty much as it was by about 2/3rds in. Best characters since 6, awesome graphics and cutscenes, enjoy the "we're saving the world and actually don't have time to muck around" vibe, think the battle system was interesting but not used so well (full system needed to be introduced earlier, there needed to be more evolution in abilities so you're not spamming "attack" and "fire" from beginning, sentinels needed something more interesting to do, they need to drop the stupid "party leader dies = game over" rule and there needed to be more bosses that really required regular shifts), want to kill whoever came up with the Crystarium and the weapon/item levelling process (and, it turns out, whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to lock off the top level of the crystarium until after you've beaten the game already).

      I'm currently playing it.

      It's my first FF game so some of my issues with it may be related to it being a FF game and I just don't know any better.

      It strikes me as very uninspiring.
      The visuals are beautiful, and I don't even mind how linear it is...

      But the charectors?
      A thirteen year old girl and a whiney 8 year old, a douchebag with a popped collar who spouts cliche's and a token black guy who's too old for this?
      Why in the name of all that's holy do I have to stand still and take a beating, when the enemy can move and dodge?
      Where are the loot drops, and what the hell is the stuff that is dropped?
      Enemies have health bars, but no numerical values?
      Why is combat on a seperate arena, and why doesn't the post combat screen tell me anything?

      I don't know if I'm enjoying it or not, it's still too early to say, but the things that are bugging me... they're really bugging me.


        A thirteen year old girl and a whiney 8 year old, a douchebag with a popped collar who spouts cliche’s and a token black guy who’s too old for this? - They develop. MY GOD do they develop. Square hasn't had really good development like this since 6.

        Why in the name of all that’s holy do I have to stand still and take a beating, when the enemy can move and dodge? - A big weakness in the combat system.

        Where are the loot drops, and what the hell is the stuff that is dropped? - They should have explained this better. Organic stuff from monsters is used to boost the experience modifier on weapons and accessories (once that option opens up, which should have been much earlier), and electronic-type parts give the big experience boosts. The way it works is that you use monster parts to get the modifier up to x3, then drop electronics to actually rack up the experience... but that starts to downgrade the modifier again, so you use more monster parts. Repeat. It really sucks; however, it's going to be worth hundreds of points of stats to you, so you kinda got to do it. Stick to one weapon per character (you won't have enough material to make a dent in more than one per character without serious farming), and wait to do it until you have a weapon with a nice equip bonus instead of a vanilla one.

        Enemies have health bars, but no numerical values? - They do have numerical values, check the Libra screen (it's R1 on PS3).

        Why is combat on a seperate arena, and why doesn’t the post combat screen tell me anything?

        - FF has usually used separate combat arenas. If you say it doesn't tell you anything, I assume you haven't had the Crystarium open up. Once you start getting Crystarium points that's about the only thing you look for, apart from loot drops.

    *the above should mention

    spamming “attack” and “fire” from beginning to end. Left out the "to end". Especially since you're spamming up to 5 commands a turn, and you get really really sick of seeing those beginning abilities used all the way to the final boss.

      FFXIII battle system sucks serious balls.

    Hello Jeremy.

    Soooo where has David gone this time?

    On the FF topic, nearly had a "Aaron SMASH PSP" moment with my PSP & FFVIII while on the train this morning.

    What's the one thing you should remember with Final Fantasy games?

    Yeah, save and save often. I'm not looking forward to having to re-do the entire missile base section & the Garden bit following (plus all the draw-grinding I'd done), just because I slipped up in my pre-coffee haze :/


      I Know how you feel. I missed getting the GF Shiva, and i realized just after i obtained Cerberus (21 hardcore hours of playing later). I was so pissed.

      As well as save often, save in new saves so many times its not funny. because if you slip up and save you may need to go back a few saves to correct it!

        Oh yeah, for sure - I keep at least 3 slots that I cycle through at any given time, for that exact reason :)

        You can get all the summons again at the end of the game

        theres all these bosses in ultimecias castle and you can draw a GF from each one

        dead set easiest way to get eden aswell

    Is it ok if i start calling you J-Bone?

      They were supposed to edit that out hahah

    On the subject of FF13 - who won the FF13 Kotaku competition? Did I miss the announcement?

      This. I'm also wondering. Its been 3 weeks since the contest closed....

        I suspect they are waiting until Dave gets back.

    Does anyone actually watch Good Game anymore? Sorry Junglist, I had to ask.

    I haven't watched it for ages. Since you left it hasn't been the same, and I figured why bother watching it when I can find out all my gaming news from the internet days before the show comes on.

      I still watch it.

      Can't say I listen a huge amount to the news or content (normally that's several days to a week old anyways), but it's handy to see footage and gameplay of games that I wouldn't otherwise look at.

      That and I think it does a really good job of highlighting in-game issues with actual footage, as compared to other video-reviews around the internets.

      I watch only the bits I'm interested online

    So, how many people out there are in love with Yakuza 3? I've clocked up quite a few hours just exploring the cities and completing side missions. I so hope Sega brings out Yakuza 4 soon and doesn't cut out so much this time.

      While I would love to spend some time with Yakuza 3, I can't bring myself to purchase it. The changes that Sega attempted to wave away as necessary have really turned me off. Most of the stuff that they took out are the things that would perk the interest of core gamers, which is what this game's market is.

      As such, I'm choosing to vote with my wallet, even if that means I don't get to play it. If I disagree with Sega's changes to the game, but buy it anyway, that gives the impression that I don't have a problem with it.

      Of course, if we get an unmodified version of Yakuza 4 down the track, I won't have played 3, meaning I won't be able to bring myself to play 4, lol. However, that's for future me to worry about. ^^

    So, it there a ETA on the winners of the Blazblue competition being announced today?

      also wouldn't mind knowing

    Hey, Junglist. . .
    Before you started on Good Game and you were getting shit together to present to tv stations for a gaming show (which ended up being Good Game) do you remember going to a Unreal Tournament LAN in Collingwood, Melbourne?
    You guys interviewed me (and my clan because of our awesome dominance, lol).

    Aaahhh, my brush with fame =D

    Well over the past week or so my gaming has change form slightly.

    I have actually gone back to playing the original everquest in its classic form. is fantastic recreating as best as they can what it was like in EQ when it started. No expansion packs etc.

    EQ is still the best MMO out there. You should check it out Jung. We have quite quite a few of the boys together on there in a guild.

    They are going to slowly release expansion packs over time so it looks like its going to be around for a while. And best of all. Its free to play.

    I have mixed feelings with the voice comm's in games these days...

    It's a blessing when gaming with like minded peoples, communicating with each other with tactics to crush the enemy team.

    However on the other side of it are the peoples that think they're the next big thing to hit the music charts but unfortunately sound like a transvestite that hasn't had their voice break. Theres also a bunch of 14 year olds that think they no how to cuss you out but don't actually know what the words they are saying mean. Oh and I almost forgot all those dick heads that like to talk trash about how awesome they are to only get unscoped head shotted by said 14 year old... Also dont for get the times when a girl enters a game, uses comm's which outs herself to the entire game as a female and something happens to males in the game... They go from nerds talking shit too a bunch of pre pubescent retards all trying to talk at once to said girl thinking they're gunna get in her pants or she's gunna jump on cam and flash the goods.... No wonder chicks have a rough time playing games online. I think the fact that you aren't speaking to people face to face takes away you inhibitions and you say shit you wouldn't normally say. I think if these guys wouldn't say shit to girls in real life haha. Think thats why my missus never jump on vent or plugs her headset in on the 360...

    The negative seems to be a lot more common these days, I myself tend to be the quiet one unless playing with friends...

    If you're around Jung ...

    See that Celtic sacked Mowbray. Was a shame, I would have liked him to stay at West Brom ... but what can you do when you get hammered so comprehensively in the SPL - 10 points behind and Rangers have 2 games in hand.

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