WIN! Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

WIN! Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

Those who play EA Sports games may have noticed every once in a while, there’s a little section where they get to compete in a Gillette competition for prizes. They’re kicking off another round to celebrate the launch of their Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, and you can register for the normal comp in-game. But Kotaku readers are being given a chance to win an extra prize pack.

[imgclear] And here it is!

If you can’t quite see, that’s FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods 10 amongst the wicked shaving business:

So how do you win?

Since the quality of razors these days is proportionate to their number of blades, my razor with only four blades has attracted countless neckbeard jokes, as even after a shave I still look like this guy:

We’re interested to hear, in gaming terms, why five is better than four. The real life answer is evident from picture to the right, but think gaming.

[imgclear] For example, three is better than two because the triple-jump in Mario 64 gave you a wicked flip and a “Wahoooo”. Two is better than one because no one can beat Smash TV without a friend (can they?).

Entries will be judged on how much funnier they are than my lame attempts above. Leave your entries in the comments below – we’ll be posting this daily until next Wednesday when the comp will close. Good luck!

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  • Five is better than four for all-night four-player co-op or competitive gaming competitions. With five people, there’s always a spare if someone needs to grab 15 minutes of sleep or slam down a can of “enter energy drink/s of choice here” to keep nerves razor sharp.
    It also means that if anyone is getting too cocky and/or abusive or just plain smug, they can be replaced at a moments notice.

  • Five is better than four, because with only four fingers, you can’t use the analog stick or standard buttons on a controller, it’s only shoulder button for you my friend.

  • Sorry, but 5 blades is just stupid. And I think more than a few people can see it for what it is, like toothbrushes with blue LED illuminated, reversable, multi-point pivoting suspension, chicken-flavoured, metalic heads. (yawn).

    The marketing monkeys over at Gillette need to start playing a new tune on the grinder.

    • haha, yeah in my case it means more chances of cutting myself more than anything. but i just want the games 😀

  • I’ve already completed the fourth Elder Scrolls – I want Elder Scrolls V – number 5!

    If it’s more like Morrowind than oblivion, 5 truly will be more awesome than 4 😀

  • When playing a game it’s not accidental,
    That all of my behaviour becomes incremental,
    I find that that I become obsessed,
    about solving “just one more” quest,
    And I keep myself going until,
    I make “just one more” kill,
    So of course five is better than four
    Because it’s “just one more”!

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