E3 Diary: Deus Ex Brings The Fanservice

I picked Deus Ex: Human Revolution as one of my most anticipated games of this E3. What I didn't anticipate was just how reminiscent of the original game it would be.

The hands-off demo I saw - sadly, we weren't able to play it - contained a host of elements familiar to anyone who played the first Deus Ex.

The opening area took place on an island off the coast of Shanghai. It looked like the Hong Kong market area from the original.

There was a night club, managed by a man named Tong. There were patrons to talk to, a secure area in the back to break into, and plenty of ways to get that job done.

Finally, there was a large warehouse, its expansive yard patrolled by guards and monitored by various hackable security systems. The Eidos Montreal designer played it stealthy, hiding behind shipping crates, creeping into the security station via a window, switching off the cameras and performing silent takedowns on any guard he encountered.

Best of all, it ended in a shootout with a twenty foot tall mech that looked exactly like the biggest bots from the first game, only rendered with several orders of magnitude more detail.

No, wait, best of all was how he'd upgraded his strength augmentation and was thus able to lift large crates. And yes, when you pick up a crate, you see it modelled transparently right in front of you. Just like the original.

As a Deus Ex fan, I found myself thoroughly serviced.


    I always love myself to be well served. Sounds heavenly.

    Okay, I was trying like hell not to get excited about this game but now I'm officially excited.
    I always preferred to play it stealthily wherever possible so it's good to know that's still an option too. I'd been worried it would turn into just another shooter.


    Any word on fixing the atrocious voice acting? Or making it worse? I want it to be high quality, or I want to speel my dreenk. A Bomb?!

      "What a shame."

    Thanks David. That's very good news.

    The excitement... it rises!

    Well that's nice to hear, but even Invisible War allowed you to upgrade yourself with biomods and use the stealthy route if you so chose. What I want to know is whether there's a SKILL system again?

    I SPEEL MY DREENK! Oh god, I'd forgotten that, until now...

    Looking forward to this!

    Great :) Really looking forward to a new Deus Ex game after the disappointment of Invisible War.

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